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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 11 Months and Counting

Everleigh’s Monthly Photos:  This mommy's attempt to capture our Baby Bear's growth in relation to her “Letter E"... Continued. 

I have to be honest and say that every time these monthly "Mommy/Everleigh" photo sessions come up.. it's usually by surprise.  I try and always work around the 25th of every month (give or take a day or two depending on when we're actually free to take them).. but I hardly give much thought to what she's going to wear and most months, the 25th creeps up on me faster than I can keep up with.  This month was no different.  

In the midst of packing and sweating, more packing and even MORE sweating, as we transition from old house to NEW house! (blog post on ALL the New House Goodness coming soon!!) ... running from one to the other as we prep the new house with new paint and such,  I took a moment out of our busy afternoon this past Sunday to snap a few pictures of our bear.  

Kind of a momentous moment actually, as this was the last monthly session in this old house.  Luckily for me, she was more cooperative than ever and we were able to wrap this little session up in under 10 minutes!  

YEAHHHHH, GOOOOO EVERLEIGH!! WOOOOOOO!!  (this is where Everleigh claps her little chubby hands (well fingers actually) together in agreement ;)  Smile usually always included.  ;)  

Recent Milestones:   

TEETH - My poor baby bear has been such a trooper this last month as she has officially gotten her first set of molars.  Tooth #9 AND #10 came together, back to back.  She has indeed been a bit whiny, fussy and clingy at times but in between it all she's still such a SUPER HAPPY BABY!! What a champ!  We even think tooth #11 is about to break ground here in a few days.. gums are looking crazy swollen.  :(  

KISSES!! - In just one weekend, when my parents came up to visit, they successfully taught our bear to GIVE KISSES!!  When you ask her for a kiss, she will almost ALWAYS put her lips together and SMACK, making the kissing sound.  CUTEST THING EVER!!  

STANDING - Definitely getting more confident in her stance, letting go, and standing alone, for longer periods of time.  As soon as she realizes what she's doing though, immediately she flops down on her butt.  :)  

SIZES - Even though there's no doubt that she is, in fact, taller and bigger than most her age, she's still rocking 9 month clothes (almost all her onesies are still 9 months) and she sometimes even wears 6 month stuff, depending on the outfit of course (mostly dresses that are now long shirts ;)  

SOUND EFFECTS - Most recently we've RE-discovered the fascinating sounds her tongue can make.  Clicking, flicking, popping her tongue on the roof of her mouth.  Make a sound for her and most likely she'll try to repeat it.  :)  

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