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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 2 Months and Counting

Dear Sweet Snuggle Bear,

Before we got pregnant with you, life was selfishly only about us.  Days and weeks would fly by without much thought...without as much as a second glance to see what all had been accomplished.  Days were routine and for the most part uneventful.  Since the day we saw that little blue line on that magic stick back in January, weeks have been marked with milestones, major accomplishments and reasons to celebrate.  These last two months of your sweet little life has been no exception.  Everyday you're changing right before our very eyes.  Growing by leaps and bounds and giving us new experiences with you every single day.  

Two months in and we are well into our groove.  Feeding patterns established, sleep schedule still fluctuating but could definitely be worse (5 or 6 hour stretches on good days.. 3-4 on super hungry days) and mommy has started to learn how to function with only a few hours of sleep at a time.  Life is sweet with your little face... And we definitely wouldn't change a thing.  Right from the get go, your dad and I have begun to see your little personality shining through.  Quiet and observant of your new surroundings.. (you love to look at all the clothes in your closet and all the lights shining overhead - which we think is because we'd shine the flashlight on my belly when I was seemed to love that ;)... Eyes wide and alert and the spitting image of your dad!  ;)  You're not too easily startled as the dogs bark around you and not a whole lot can wake you from your beauty sleep.  ;). You fight your sleep most evenings, especially when there's been a lot of excitement throughout the day but you can also put yourself to sleep if things are mellow and you have your pacifier.  :)  you're also starting to show us your big 'ol sweet, gummy grin..( especially while you SLEEP!). We'd love to know what you dream about cause so many times you'll even giggle in your sleep!  You're also the happiest morning baby I've ever seen!  Who you got that from, we will never know though.  Your dad and I are pretty grumpy almost every morning.  Your sweet baby bear smiles could make ANYONE a morning person though so...I LOVE IT!  :) :) 

Mama's sweet SUPER MODEL!!  :) 

We have dealt with a few common baby issues since you've been born but luckily nothing too serious (thank heavens for healthy and happy babies!).. Clogged tear ducts, tummy/pooping troubles and a mild-ish case of cradle cap.  No biggie, we're dealing and you're a trooper.  ;)  Your pediatrician (Dr. Karen McClard) was extremely happy with your growth progress at your 7 week check up (you handled your immunizations like a CHAMP by the way ;)... You weighed in at 11lbs 3oz of sweet, baby lovin' (and 22" long) You're finally starting to "fill out".. Although most of your milk storage is still definitely in your CHEEKS!!  ;). You're still rocking some newborn gear and just a few days ago transitioned from newborn diapers into size 1's.  It seems like literally overnight you went from a newborn to a full fledged BABY!  I really can't believe how fast you are growing.  You're definitely starting to "fill out" with cute baby arm and thigh rolls that are so squeezably soft and adorable. 

Happy 2 months Snuggle Bear, we love you! 

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