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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Behind the Scenes - Everleigh's Photo Shoot

If there was one major thing on our list of "Things to Do" once our Little Bear was to enlist a professional to capture all of her many, super adorable tiny bits.. (while her little baby bits were still oh sooooo tiny!).  Knowing she'd grow like a weed right before our very eyes, it was so incredibly important to me to capture her sweet newborn-ness as soon as humanly possible.  (By an actual professional...not just by me with my little handheld and my iPhone ;)  

Enter Miss Shannon Skloss of Shannon Skloss Photography.  I had actually gone to school with Shannon waaaaaaaaaayyyyy back in the day, so when I saw she lived in Dallas when we reconnected on Facebook years and years later and I saw how amazing her work was, I knew exactly who we'd be calling right after we got home from the hospital.  :)  

Eight days after Everleigh was born, we had an awesome afternoon of props and swaddling and cute baby faces.  Little Miss Everleigh was QUITE the trooper, staying up throughout the ENTIRE THREE hour session.. never fussing and  never letting out as much of a sleepy whimper.  According to Shannon, she was one of the best babies she'd ever worked with... and by how lucky we've been with how incredibly RELAXED she's been since she's been home, I actually believe her!  Talk about one PROUD MAMA!  :)  

Just as a teaser, Shannon wasted no time in sending over two pictures to tide us over until she could get us more edited photos in the coming weeks.  We ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! Stay tuned for more, coming soon!  :)

We seriously CAN NOT wait to see how the others turn out... until then, here's a little behind the scenes action as it played out during the shoot.  :)  But first.  BATH TIME!  Gotta get pretty, you know... ;)  

Everleigh and Macie giving each other the stare down.. :)

And just so Miss Macie wouldn't feel neglected while Little Miss Everleigh stole the show... Papa Bear made sure she got a little love too :)

Oh yes... You KNOW we HAD to.. Chef hat and mixing bowl.  :)

Sweet Daddy-Daughter Time 


Sweet little girl did so well!  :)