Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, December 30, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 15 Months and Counting

Every single day since the day Everleigh was born, I've learned something new.  Something about her, something about me or just something about life in general.  

There are a few things that I've learned this month that just aren't worth the fight with our little bear.
1.  Bows are silly.  Who needs them anyway?  ;)  We've decided we don't like them and will practically pull out our hair to get them off.  Which leads to our hair being messy most of the time.  Not worth the fight. 

2.  Bunny is better.  Bunny is better than mommy, daddy and Macie combined.  Well maybe that's a slight exaggeration...but bunny makes all things better.  Bunny and his twin that is.  (Come Easter time, we will politely request that EVERY single person we know scour their respective Targets for this blasted bunny...we already have two...we need at LEAST TEN!)  

3.  The car seat is the devil and even though we haven't quite figured out that it takes us to super fun places, we hate it.  Stupid car seat.  (This one we've known for a while.. I've just come to terms with the (sometimes) constant whining and/or crying that may come from just getting out of the neighborhood :/ )
4.  We are NOT fond of "formal", sit down and look at the camera type pictures.  Not worth the fight.  Bunny in her mouth is how she is most days.. so in reality, it suits her fine and I didn't really WANT a picture of her in front of the Christmas tree.  Who needs it anyway?!  

5.  Along with hating the car seat, we also hate diaper changes.  If we could sit in our bulging wet diaper all day, we probably would.  Our poopy ones too.  Mommy and daddy are meanies for always changing them out.  Can't you see I've been working on filling those things up for HOURS?!  ;)  

Our Bear at 15 Months (on Christmas Day)  :)  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

If there was one thing to be thankful for.. (you know besides Everleigh, Chad and our overall health and happiness ;) is how incredibly blessed we are to have such wonderful FAMILY!  I love that no matter how much time passes between visits, the minute we get together again, it feels like no time has passed at all.  With technology playing such a huge part in our lives.. FaceTime allowing my parents to be a part of Everleigh's day-to-day life (practically)..  the hundreds of miles between us feels like nothing.  And now that I have such a great little travel buddy, the hour and a half flight back home is a breeze! 

We were sad to leave Dad behind to work the days leading up to (and the days following) Thanksgiving.. but I was glad to get Everleigh back to her cousins for some good 'ol quality chaos.  ;)  

Fair warning.. this post is LONG.. and most of the pictures were from my Iphone... (i.e. pretty crappy quality).. but now that you've been warned.. ENJOY!  ;)  

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 

Mommy's little expert traveler.  :) 

We may not get to head down to south Texas very often to see my family.. but when we do, it's always a party with these cheeseballs.  :)  Arriving first thing on Wednesday morning, Addie and Everleigh wasted no time making up for lost cousin time.  They absolutely LOVE each other!  
Sweet giggling cousins :)  

Huggin' it out.  :) 

Finally making it to my parents office.. Where Andrew (and Aunt Christi) met us :) 

Hello in there.. :)

Cheeseballs :)

Three Musketeers ;) 

Andrew showing Everleigh his toys.. and Everleigh showing Andrew new tricks.  :) 

Thanksgiving Breakfast the following morning :) 

Damn near impossible to get a picture with ALL THREE looking the same direction.  ;)
Oh but we tried though.. 

Hmmm.. I wonder if I can get my nails down while I'm here.. 
This nail color just isn't working for me.. ;)  


Everleigh...more interested in her pancake.. 

Well.. .they're all looking in the same direction!  

If I don't look at them taking these pictures.. 
maybe they will let me eat my dang pancake in PEACE!   ;)  

Time to take a ride around the house before Thanksgiving lunch!  ;) 

Grandpa... Everleigh's Chauffeur ;) 

Why hello there little cousin.. ;)  


Like how she's holding on to the steering wheel.. ;)  

What the heck, GRANDPA?!  

Almost Turkey time! 

Grandpa playing his version of "peek a boo".. 

She was quite entertained!  ;) 

But caught on quickly.. ;) 

Being silly with Addie :)

Aaaannnd... MORE eating!  

And sharing.. ;) 

And eating some more.. 

With a scrunchy face for good measure.  ;)  


Thanksgiving dinner time tease with Addie's play food.  ;) 

Seriously pooped on our flight back home on Sunday morning.  :) 

That's a WRAP!