Love and Food in the Big D

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve Fun

Although this was probably going to be the one and only New Years Eve Chad would have off... for a LONG, LONG time, we decided to have a quiet evening at home.  Not really being party people in the first place, this slow evening was right up our alley.  After dinner and a movie, we headed back to the house to watch the ball drop while making a traditional mexican treat.... BUNUELOS!!

A tasty fried tortilla of goodness, topped with cinnamon and sugar.... OH YEAH!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day with the familia... Valley Style

Our Christmas morning started like most Christmas' have begun early morning start putting food in the oven and getting everyone ready for the present opening festivities... :)

Of course my chef got put to work... this time his task was the Christmas brisket that took the place of our traditional turkey lunch. 

It took awhile for Addie to open up to Chad...

Wow! Look at all those presents!

Let the festivities begin!

Papa Maldonado...

Christi's Dad, Larry Salinas...

My love, opening his goodies...

My brother and Addie checking out what Santa brought...

Mama Maldonado...

My Nana :)

Christi's mom Ana and Chad..

Nice Coach bag Christi!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the presents Chad and I made them... a book of Addies first year!

Let the tears of joy fall.. :)

Opening presents during nap time..

Two seconds later... she was out. 

Nap time!

Looks like someone's finally in a better mood!!

Nap time done.. on to opening more presents!

Loving her Aqua doodle...

Putting her first fifty cent piece in the piggy bank Aunt Yvette and Uncle Chad got her..

Food please...

Taste testing...

Sporting her disney heels.. :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve with little Miss Addison :)

I have to admit that even though I miss the valley and my family, my heart lies with little Miss Addison.  She's my god daughter and niece and the REAL reason my heart aches to be back there.  She's a doll, and this Christmas was spent bonding like we hadn't before.  It had been a month since I'd seen her and it seemed like a lifetime.. It was sooo good to be back.  :)

Addie, mommy Christi and Aunt Yvette baking up a storm...

Something tells me she was NOT to happy with her apron... :)

Awww.... Someone take this thing off me please!

Seriously?  Who could resist this face?!
She's a freakin' SUPERMODEL!

Grandma Maldonado gave her a miniature broom... sooo cute!  She loves to sweep away...

Getting the house ready for Christmas!


Early Christmas present from Grandma! A slide...  :)

Sooo much fun!

Wheeeeeee... Thanks Grandma!