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Monday, March 24, 2014

Kelley Kitchen - Progress Photos

I think the biggest, most dramatic change that we've made to our house (oh...about two SECONDS!) after we moved in, was tackling our kitchen cabinets.  It was simply a color we absolutely couldn't live with.  The color of the cabinets, along with the faux painted walls was just too much to handle.  It was so incredibly hard to really appreciate the back splash or the really great granite counter tops with all the colors and textures going on in this space.  All the colors just seemed to blend together... in the worst possible way.  

Knowing that it would be easiest to tackle this project before we moved our furniture and appliances in, we spent DAYS prepping and sanding and gel staining...and gel staining some more before finally being able to call this project somewhat done.  We still have the overhead light fixture to contend with...and the "too-ornate-for-our-taste" fixture over the kitchen table...but for now, we're pretty damn proud of the outcome so far.  

Here's a little tour... (a very much LIVED in, sorry about the random mess), tour of our kitchen as it stands today.    

The AFTER.  
(Once again because I couldn't bear to start a new post with the BEFORE picture below)


As our project began (back in early September), we knew we couldn't tackle this project alone so we enlisted the help of one VERY CUTE, not yet 1 year old.  :)  

Quality Control Specialist Everleigh ;)

Amazing how much she's changed since this picture was taken!

The messy, long process of sanding and cleaning and sanding and cleaning.. 

I believe this was probably coat 1 of 2 or 3 gel stains we did.  

Probably the same here.  Coat 1 of 2 that we did of the gel stain.  

Final product.  :)