Love and Food in the Big D

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everleigh's Under The Sea 4th Birthday

When we first started thinking about Everleigh's 4th birthday party (just 6 weeks after Grant's 1st year Monster Bash), we had been playing with a couple different ideas.  All those ideas though were OUT of the house and at a location....namely our neighborhood pool or at the splash pad by our house.  I knew the weather might play a factor...well because you just never know in Texas, but I had high hopes everything would pan out as planned.  

Low and behold, with eyes peeled on the weather channel every day leading up to, what we had decided would be a splash pad birthday party, mother nature decided to throw us a monkey wrench and literally RAIN on our parade.  

Luckily I work "somewhat" well under pressure and had a couple days to gather graphics, streamers and whatever random things I could find in our house that would help make Everleigh's Under The Sea Party dreams a reality.