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Monday, November 04, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 13 Months and Counting

So as we roll into Everleigh's 13th month of baby bear goodness.. I'm taking this opportunity as a natural "break" from the way I used to take her monthly photos.  Truth is, there's absolutely NO WAY Everleigh will sit long enough for me to take her picture on a chair anymore (that squirmy wormy's all OVER the place nowadays!).. especially not with her gold letter "E" (which she found super tasty every time she would grab for it).  

I AM committed to actually taking her picture every month with something other than my iphone though (enter our trusty Canon Rebel that hardly comes out to play cause it can be a bit too bulky to carry around).. but there won't be a set background or anything like that.  

Honestly, I'll just be happy to just get one or two that have her actually LOOKING at me.  ;)  And because I just LOVE this BEAUTIFUL little outfit she got for her birthday (THANK YOU Anastacia!).. here's a little fashion repeat (from our day at the Arboretum) taken on her 13th month!  :)

To view her past monthly photo on the links below.  

YEAHHHHHHH Everleigh!!  :)  
Funny how she responds to that EVERY single time!  :)