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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Grant Henry Kelley - 2 Months

A little late BUT, better late than never.  :)

Mommy's little 2 Month Bear. 

And his 1 Month post 

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Grant's Newborn Photo Session ;)

A month and a half later...and I'm FINALLY getting around to posting Grant's newborn session photos.  

It's amazing the things that can get away from you when you basically haven't slept more than 2hrs at a time in 8 weeks and your husband is waist deep in new restaurant opening chaos (and most days you're having to deal with a newborn and a toddler alone).  I've been trying my best to function like a normal person but these last few weeks have been a blur of one day melding into the next... showering only when I happen to remember (gross yes I know.. ) and eating only sporadically.  (If only the eating that I'm not doing would help me lose that dang baby weight faster!) 

Although these last 8 weeks have been a true test of my patience (with 3 year old tantrums in full force at times) and a test of my abilities as a mother, Everleigh has proven to be the BEST big sister I could've ever hoped she would be.  I never thought that I could love this much or this hard for my two little bears.  She was a bit reserved with him at the beginning but she has ALWAYS so very OBVIOUSLY loved her baby brother.  

Taken just 6 days after his birth, Grant (and Everleigh) were super stars at his newborn session (him sleeping peacefully most of the time and Everleigh NOT being jealous that baby brother was hogging all the attention. 

So without further ado...