Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, September 30, 2013

Rubber Ducky...Everleigh is ONE!!

Everleigh's FIRST birthday party :)

When it came time to plan our baby bear's first birthday party, there were only a few "themes" that we thought were real contenders.  Nothing really stood out though like a good old fashioned RUBBER DUCKY party!! With Everleigh's love of bath time being so apparent, we didn't give it a second thought and ran with it.  Right on the heels of the purchase of our new house, we also thought it would be a perfect opportunity to kick it into high gear to get the house in somewhat decent shape for visitors.  Nothing like a looming deadline to get your "ducks in a row!".  Ha!  Cheese I know.. lol.. 

I did all the decorating & Chad of course handled most of the cooking and baking.  
My mom made the brownie lollipops and they both worked on the white chocolate Oreo pops.  
Think we can safely say that the rubber ducky spread turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!  

Tiny crunchy tacos with two types of chicken options.  
Meatballs, fruit, brownie pops, Oreo pops, muffin cupcakes, Carrot Cake and assorted chips and dips

Everleigh also loves her CHEERIOS!! :)

Don't mind my silly looking 

And of course, you can't have a 1st birthday party without Everleigh's very own SMASH CAKE!

Kiss the Cook Ducky!! (That would be Daddy of course ;) 

Kind of a slow start.  Not really sure what to do with this monstrosity!  

The moment everyone was done singing Happy Birthday... 
Everyone yelled YEAAAAAAAAAHHHH Everleigh!!!!
And her arms went UP!! Lol.. 

FINALLY starting to get into it... 

BUT like a lady.. kept it VERY clean :)  
Think she liked the feeling of the frosting on her hands.. She just kept rubbing it round and


But still not much of a mess I have to say!  

After a quick wardrobe change, she was back in action, showing her new friend Izzy her push cart.  :) 

Look Ma! No hands! :)