Love and Food in the Big D

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Grant Henry Kelley - 8 Months

I think it goes without saying that I feel like I need an award or something (or at least a dang cookie for crying out loud!) for NOT ONLY taking THE CUTEST/FUNNIEST pictures of little man this month... BUT ALSO getting them posted to the blog BEFORE next month hit!  Say WHAT?!?!?!  

AHHHH... small victories my friends.  Small victories.  ;)  

Dude was ON FIRE with the cuteness during our little 'mommy & me' photo session last week.  He was more cooperative than he's ever been AND he gave me the goofiest/cheesiest grins.  ;)  

Hard to believe this guy can get any cuter...but alas, every single day, HE DOES!!

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