Love and Food in the Big D

About Yvette... :)

The Wonder Years: 
Native of South Texas, (Edinburg for those who are keeping track),  One brother, a sister-in-law, a rambunctious, nearly 5 year old niece, who could talk her way into getting her a "Haggaburger" with just the bat of her eyes....AND.....a ridiculously handsome nephew, Andrew Omar Maldonado... who arrived Monday, July 25, 2011 at 12:44pm weighing in at 8lbs 11oz, 20 inches!  Oh and of course the parental units... my heart and soul who hold down the fort and run the show at their accounting office in McAllen, Texas. 

FAMILY LIFE (The Dallas years): 
Married to the most talented chef Dallas has ever seen (November 14, 2009)... (shamelessly biased I'm sure you're thinking...but IT'S TRUE!)... addicted to blog reading (my blog list is freakin' RIDICULOUS and I couldn't possibly keep up with everything on there even if I devoted an entire week to JUST that!).  A self proclaimed cheap skate, or "smart shopper", as I like to think... I'll hunt out that sweet deal or unique find in any store.  "Do-it-yourselfer", almost to a fault because sometimes, I'll start something and poop out mid stream... Not short on big IDEAS, just not very much into details.  ;)  Amateur photographer that loves to find a unique and different perspective on the ordinary day-to-day thing.  :)

And most importantly, NEW MOMMY to the sweetest, most snugly baby girl anyone could've asked for... Everleigh Isabella Kelley joined our little family on September 25th, 2012 weighing in at 7lbs 1oz, 20 inches long! Also mom to our furry, black puppy named Macie Blue Kelley.

Lover of:  Photography, crafting, real estate, interior decorating, architecture, Sunday Fundays with Chad, ordering the same exact thing practically every Sunday morning at the Cafe Brazil by our house, evening strolls with Miss Macie, date nights out to fancy restaurants, musicals, sporting events or theater shows downtown, Carb-Smart ice-cream with sugar-free caramel, dry-roasted peanuts and a touch of sea salt.... words-with-friends: yvettekelley09 ;)...our newly implemented Sangria Sundays (if you're in town or interested in playing...we, (or should I say, CHAD) makes the main dish and sangrias, you bring a side dish or dessert!)...

WORK LIFE (Aguirre Roden): 
Intern Architect turned Marketing Coordinator...proposal writer, job chaser, Photoshoper, In-Designer and overall company graphics person...

Lover of:  my new office area with nearly 20' of windows, my very own thermostat!, ability to play Pandora as loud as I want in my very own space, lunching daily with the ladies, and monthly lunches with Laura and April ;)

TRAVEL LIFE (Past, Present and Future): 
Amateur photographer and certified LUCKIEST girl in the world who was able to study abroad in Barcelona while at Texas A&M (Bachelors of Environmental Design, Class of '03, WHOOP! ;).  Traveled to Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice in Italy...Barcelona (our base camp ;) Madrid, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Girona, Sevilla and Granada in Spain... Berlin, Hilversum, Utrect, and Amsterdam.  Constantly seeking out our next adventure...Been to more major cities in Europe than major cities in the United States.  (how sad) US travel has included:  Napa, Sonoma, Laguna Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC, Orlando, Washington DC.  

Most recent travel (right before our Baby Bear arrived): Chicago and Boston (State side) and EUROPE... including Barcelona,  Avignon and Paris!

Lover of:  New and exciting places...old gothic architecture, new modern architecture and all architecture in between..history museums, gelato in Florence, gondola rides in Venice, passport stamps, the giddiness of planning a new adventure, time off of work, local shops and small eateries, good food, great wine (sweet white wine girl here..) and great beer (the good craft/malty kind, not the "sell-at-every-grocery-store" kind) ;)..capturing an amazing sunset and all things photography. 

SECRET LIFE (Shhhhhhhh....):  weekly lottery player with secret desires to take over the world.  ;)  (Guess it's not so secret anymore.;)   Secretly hopes to have life handed to her but willing to work like hell til then... Hopes to one day work side by side with Chad at our very own concept restaurant and prays like hell that someone will pony up the money for us to pursue that dream (soon!).  ;)  Any takers??