Love and Food in the Big D

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rebel Time...

So after much deliberation, and after a very helpful recommendation from our awesome wedding photographers, we finally settled on our newest toy. We're still a long way from being experts and are still figuring out all the bells and whistles but we decided to take our new camera for a spin around Dallas to see what we could come up with.

Robert E. Lee house..

Taking a gander..

Playing the silly but willing model...

Alright Chad.. enough already...

Close up!

On to our next stop...

Union Station Ballroom...

Union Station stairway...

I don't even know why I was making that face...

So handsome..

the awesome stained glass in the chapel in Thanksgiving Square

Playing with the shutter speed and aperture...
Farmers Market...

Exhausted after a long day out and about... :)

Daddy and Macie...

Mommy and Macie.. hanging out before bed..

Giving her the "look"... lol..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Times... :)

I really can't believe that it's damn near AUGUST already?? Seriously? Where the heck did July go? Hell, where the heck did this YEAR go? One moment I'm anxiously awaiting my proposal, giddy and curious about what my engagement ring looks like, the next thing you know it's been 8 months and I can literally SMELL our wedding rounding the bend... Geesh! My only wish about this time right now is that I wish it were going slower.. just so I could savor every last little bit of it all.

This past week, we took advantage of Chad's entire WEEK off (can you believe someone getting to just lazy around the house for a WEEK?!) Sooooooooo soooo jealous over here... lol.. Anyway, we took advantage of his time off to tackle a few of our last remaining wedding day tasks.

Tuesday, July 21st-
Part of Chad's amazing committment to our marriage was his willingness to do whatever it took to please my family and I by getting married in the Catholic church. With him not being Catholic, it meant jumping in with both feet and delving into unknown territory. The first task of the process took place back in January when Chad and I sat through a 200 question compatibility questionaire (given by the church) to focus in on the important things in marriage like family, finances, kids, yada yada yada. As the second part of the marriage prep process approached, (a weekend marriage retreat at the diocese of dallas), we met with our church contact person to discuss the findings of our questionaire. We were pleased to find out that...we are actually EXTREMELY COMPATIBLE!!! Already knowing this, we focused our discussion with the church lady on the maybe 10 questions (remember out of 200!) that we answered differently. The session went off without a hitch, and left the church feeling pleased by having the blessing of yet ANOTHER person.. Woo hoo! Let's get married! :)

Wednesday, July 22nd-
Next on the wedding day "TackleFest" was to meet with the church's music minister to discuss our ceremony songs and such. Getting more than we bargained for (which included our own personal show of him playing all our possible song selections on the church's piano) we narrowed down our choices for our special day! It was so nuts hearing the song that will be played while I walked down the aisle!!?? Is this true?? lol.. dont' quite think it's hit me yet. lol... There's no turning back now! lol...

Thursday, July 23rd-
Although not a wedding day duty, we did get a chance to hit up one of our favorite restaurants by treating my good friend Chiku to an AWESOME birthday dinner out at Jaspers in Plano. The food was just as we had remembered it, and Chiku had a great time! With all the craziness that has gone on in her life these last few weeks, Chad and I were thrilled to take her out and hang out with her again. The food was incredible and we left there with full and happy bellies!... Jaspers is highly recommended! :)

Happy Birthday Chiku!!

Lip smackin' Good Ribs!

Giving Chad a raspberry.. .

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet Little Munchkin-Day 2

Spending quality time with Gramps.. :)

Watching tv together.. ___________________________________________________________________

Before heading over to Great Nana's house for a visit, we stopped by a party where Addie spent most of the time clutching my moms shoulder with her head practically buried in her armpit. :) However, It didn't take her cousin Aiden long to coerce her out of her hole... they became fast friends and spent much of our time there, hanging out with eachother. :) I think Aiden even got a hug from her! :)

Aiden and Addie...

Addie and Grandma...

Look Granny, over there! :)

My mom... asking for kisses... :)

Sweet babies.. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweet Little Munchkin... :)

After much anticipation of seeing my neice, Miss Addie again, my weekend home came and went a bit too fast but it was such a great weekend spending time with her! We laughed, we cried... (well SHE cried) ;) but all and all, I think she really loves her aunt... despite the seemingly "too short" monthly visits. After a very successful Saturday spent alone with her, I'm confident that our next visit together will be just as enjoyable. I miss you Addie, your Godmother loves you!
Heading home from picking me up at the airport... Took about ten seconds to warm up to me.. :)
She LOVES her Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls... doesn't leave home without them.. :)

Part of the weekends festivities included a trip to the bridal shop for my second wedding dress fitting. While there, we found a super cute flower girl dress for Addie to try... She LOVED every second of it. :)

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of July BBQ FUN!!


It's funny how the best parties are the ones that don't come with very much planning. Being that Chad had two consecutive days off this July 4th, you would've thought that we would've taken advantage and planned a big shing dig... but the day came quickly and we still didn't have anything concrete planned. During our afternoon trip to the store that day, we stocked up for the makings of a bbq feast that could feed an army (literally) without even knowing if we would have anyone to feed! As luck would have it we were delighted to find a few close friends with no real plans other than to come hang out with us!! A good time was certainly had by all and we can't wait to do it again! Let the entertaining BEGIN!! :)

Macie and Mommy hanging out before our guests arrive..
The menu was a gourmet bbq feast fit for royalty!!
Chad whipped up some CRAZY yummy goodies that EVERYONE loved! Good job baby!
(we added prices just for fun... hehehehe)

Here's Chad working on the garlic, onion and peach glaze that went on the pork shoulder he grilled... OH.MY. GOODNESS!!

Not sure what's happening here... but apparently Chad was being silly.. like always.. hehehehe..

Here I am working on my contribution to the dinner..
A sugar free layer concoction made with Sugar free Oreos, Sugar free pudding, Sugar free Cool whip and Light cheery pie filling... surprisingly, it was GOOD!! lol.. Chad seemed to think I was nuts... Chad-"Where the hell's all the SUGAR?!?!" lol..

Mary Ann and Chiku... working on the wine.. :)

I think we had one too many glasses by this point. Needless to say, we were happy. :)

Ready to EAT!!

About to serve it up... I love my CHEF!

Winding down the evening with a few laughs...

Mena knocked out pretty soon after we filled her belly with yummy goodness... :)

Kelley family lovin' :)

Sleepy kisses... Awww...

Nope.. sorry love. ALL GONE... (I think it was me that drank it all.. hehehehe)

hehehehehe... SNEAK ATTACK!! Guess he REALLY, REALLY wanted that wine! lol..