Love and Food in the Big D

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 22 Months and Counting

Dear Sweet Baby Bear,

For the past 22 months that I've been doing these monthly blog entries for you... telling your stats, new found tricks, words and phrases, I always thought that on that particular month you had grown and developed in leaps and bounds over the previous month.  Seems like everyday is something new.  Words are becoming more clear, your understanding of what is going on around you is evident, and you're beginning to formulate all your new found words into new found SENTENCES! Even with all the changes that I know are happening, you still amaze me everyday.  By with what you know, what you've learned when we aren't even paying attention, and by the love and joy you share and show us every single day.  We definitely have our share of frustrating moments, crying fits and tantrums that come without warning, but every day our love for you grows exponentially.  We are so proud of you baby bear.  You've made these past 22 months better than I could have ever imagined.  :)  

Love, Mama Bear & Papa Bear 

And because it was too dang HOT to even consider taking our monthly photo shoot outside, here's my little Baby Bear selfie series...with mostly close-ups and a mama bear sighting. ;) 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

San Salvaje & Les Miserables - Date Night with My Chef

In the last couple of months, Chad and I have had the opportunity to make almost every Tuesday evening "date night".  With Everleigh's Dallas "Grandma", (MamaLis...or as Everleigh is now starting to call her.. MamaEEES) spending Tuesday afternoons with our bear, we use those evenings to spend quality time together. Last Tuesday, with tickets to Les Miserables in hand for later that evening, we headed downtown to check out San Salvaje, a new restaurant concept by Steven Pyles.  This fusion of Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Cuba was an explosion of amazing flavors.  Sweet and savory was combined with the perfect amount of tangy acidity to create dishes that certainly had us wanting more.   

Quinoa Salad, Puffed Cherries, Pine Nuts, Dried Apples 

Amberjack Ceviche, Crema de Rocoto 

 Smoked Duck Tacos, Rhubarb Salsa

Pork Belly Tacu Tacu, Fig Compote

Three Cheese Arepa, Salsa Verde

Pork Belly Tacu Tacu, Fig Compote

Escabeche of Sea Bass, Duck Fat Potatoes, 
Chile Pequin Aioli 

After our amazing meal, we headed to the Wyly Theater nearby for the 7:30 musical of Les Miserables.  
Being newbies to this particular theater, we were pleasantly surprised to see that no one seemed to have a bad seat in the whole house.  The stage was RIGHT there.. and we'd later find, as the performance went on, that on several occasions, we became PART of the show itself, with the performers acting in the aisles and among the crowd.  A truly awesome Dallas experience...can't wait to visit the Wyly again.  :)


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Southern California Adventures - Day 5 & 6 - Laguna Beach Fun

Sunday, July 6, 2014

On our last full day in California... we set out to Laguna Beach to catch the Sawdust Art Festival.  The Sawdust features the fine art and crafts of over 200 local artists.  From paintings to pottery to handmade jewelry and live music, this fair was awesome.  For the most part.  When Everleigh wasn't being difficult.  And throwing tantrums.  ;)  Or at least one major one that had her sitting on the, not so comfy ground, PISSED.  ;)  After making our rounds and finally pacifying our hungry bear with some tasty popcorn, we were on our way to see about some sand at the beach nearby!  :)  

With her shoes on, she was fine... without, not so much. ;)
Someone was having a bit of trouble understanding this new found sand business. 

Ending the night with a makeshift campfire.  Complete with S'MORES! :)

And dance party of course!  

July 7, 2014
The next morning, we called our trip complete and made our way back to LAX to head back to DFW.  

After more silly selfies, we were ALL happy to be home... FINALLY!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Southern California Adventures - Day 3 & 4 - Temecula and Rancho Mission Viejo

July 4, 2014

In the true spirit of 4th of July, the first order of the day...after a quick breakfast, was to pack up the gang and head down to Old Town Temecula to check out the city parade.  :)  I can't even say that I've EVER been to a Fourth of July parade before but it seemed so patriotic and special to experience it while on vacation with our little family.  It was BLISTERING!! but fun to watch Everleigh enjoying the horses, trolley, cars and school bands march by.  

With not much else on the agenda for the day, we headed back to nap, relax and prepare our feast for the evening.  :) 

While the kiddies went down to catch the fireworks that evening, we hung back to hang out with the older kiddies (and put our bear down for the night ;) 

Boo & Everleigh - Neighborhood Watch

Someone didn't last much longer after this picture... She was POOPED!

But before heading to bed... DANCE PARTY!  :)

And combing daddy's hair of course.  ;)

July 5, 2014
The next day...after a leisurely morning of nothingness, we packed up and said goodbye to Temecula and headed to Chad's cousin's house in Rancho Mission Viejo.  As the men prepared the evenings feast, (only good things can come when TWO chef cousins get together! ;)  the women and children trekked to the neighborhood pool to relax and enjoy the warm afternoon.  :) 

After taking a few minutes to warm up to her new surroundings.. 
our bear wasted no time getting WET!

Such a cute little kiddie area! 

Everleigh and her cousin Kenzie 

Daddy / Daughter Sweetness

Pretending to go "Night Night" ;)

Ending the day being silly with her Auntie Christy :)