Love and Food in the Big D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Food Porn Daily - Feature Shot THREE :)

Guess third time really IS a charm! 

FoodPornDaily shot #3 (taken by ME!!) up for viewing HERE!

I have to admit that everyday I take a gander at my gmail account eagerly hoping that I'll hear from the very sweet, and FUNNY Amanda Simpson, creator of Food Porn Daily... letting me know that another one of my food shots will be featured on her website.  Last night, I was obliged.  :)  This time however, the email went a little something like this..

"Thanks for another uber porny shot!  I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be using your prawn photo as the image of the day tomorrow on FoodPornDaily.  Keep up the awesome work! "

How could that NOT make you smile?!?  :)  (insert immature giggle about my UBER PORNY SHOT...and then I'll give you a moment to get your HEAD OUTTA THE GUTTER!! ;)  

And here's my little Prawn friend in all his glory.  :)

If you're unfamiliar with what Food Porn Daily is all about... this is how their website describes their philosophy..

Our goal
To give you the most delicious food pic possible at least once a day, everyday.

What about the recipes?
The purpose of food porn is to get your (salivary gland) juices flowing – whether or not the recipe is readily available. Please keep this in mind when viewing the photographs on this website. We provide links to recipes whenever possible, but we do not believe they are crucial to the experience. Let these photos inspire your cooking. Use your cooking fundamentals, reference the interwebs, and trust your instincts. Most importantly, have fun!

What is foodporn?
"If the casserole is missionary style, foodporn takes its devotees into the foodie kama sutra.”
-The Skinny Gourmet

“The point is to get very close to what you are filming, so close that you can see an ingredient’s “pores” (You should believe the dish is in your living room), which then triggers some kind of Neanderthal reflex. If you’re flicking from channel to channel and come upon food that has been shot in this way, you will be hardwired as a human being to stop, look, and bring it back to your cave.”
-The New Yorker