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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 20 Months and Counting

It seemed only fitting that two seconds into Everleigh's mini photo shoot for her 20th month this past weekend, our little bear would throw a raging fit.  All because I tried to stand her up in her ducky bath.  Inside the house she loves that thing. Outside, apparently not so much.  Even though I had a number of other cute photos to choose from (for her main monthly run-down), I thought the tantrum shot pretty much captured the essence of what has been new, exciting and "oh-so-fun" here in the Kelley casa this month.  Seems like the "terrible two's" might be in full swing at our house these days.  From leg thrashing to the biggest crocodile tears you could possibly imagine... tantrums are in full effect.  Couple that with non-stop allergy issues AND cutting her molars....and you have one HELL of a good time!  :( :(  Poor thing is handling it the best she possibly can I have to say...and for that I'm truly grateful.  

Luckily though...her happy go-lucky self comes soon after every meltdown.  And my phone usually always does the trick to distract her ;)  

So...without further ado..

Everleigh at 20 months.  :) 

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DANCE, Everleigh!! DANCE!!

This is her....dancing.  ;)

Smiling softly after another mini meltdown...over who knows what.  ;) 

And she's IN!! Finally! :) But not for 

Definitely preferred to play with the water from the outside.  :) 

And then we tried the sprinkler.. 

Set on tease her just enough.. ;)

Until she got her head  :)