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Friday, January 31, 2014

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 16 Months and Counting

Every month it's been rare that I actually get a photo session accomplished ON Everleigh's actual monthly birth DAY... so when I started Everleigh's bath last week (on the 25th!), waaaaaaay past getting any decent day-lighting to help with our photos, I never thought I'd end up with decent pictures for her blog post.  But the moment I saw her starting to ham it up, I RAN.. (literally) to get my camera.  I knew that although she LOVES bath time, her limits to cheesing it up for mommy and the camera can be fleeting.  With barely a thought about focusing my shot or the craptastic bathroom lighting...I clicked away faster than I thought my finger could.  I'm pretty pleased that I was actually able to get a few pretty cute shots of my bear!  Oh yeah and her toothbrush.  What can I say, the girl likes to multitask.  ;)

Everleigh at 16 months.


How could I NOT include this WHINY faced Everleigh shot?  This is the face she gets when she's over it and ready to come out.  Except this time, she forgot she wanted to get out two seconds after I reminded her of all the fun toys that were waiting to play ;) She's easily distracted.  ;)

Less than TWO minutes after this shot, she pooped.  ;)  
She even LOOKS like she's working on it.. lol.  I should've known better.  

Hahahahaha... Oh the joys of parenthood!  

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