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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 17 Months and Counting

I can't believe we're ALREADY at 17 months?!  Is that even right?!  One month away from a YEAR and a HALF?!  Geez Louise!  Every month I think the same thing.  Every month I wish I had a magic wand to slow things down.  But every month seems to go faster and faster.  Every month my baby isn't quite a baby anymore.. And that makes this mommy S.A.D.  :( :(  Capital S.  Capital A. Capital D.  Super DOUBLE sad face.  Boo.  

I can't say that a whole lot has changed in the way of new words or newest tricks this month.. but what I HAVE noticed a huge difference on.. is Everleigh's personality.  She definitely understands more, is more aware, takes direction more consistently and is seemingly more mature than last month.   Oh yeah and taller.  Definitely taller.  ;)  We haven't taken the time to measure her recently.. but her long pants aren't so long anymore and she can easily reach things she just recently couldn't.  

HUGE MILESTONE MOMENT ALERT:  We took our first major road trip last week (a couple days before her 17 month birthday) and I have to say, I've never been more PROUD to be this sweet bear's mom.  It's like SHE KNEW we needed her to be ok with being in the car for nearly NINE hours (one way!).  Due to my uncle's sudden passing, it was a last minute rush to get things organized and ready to head back home and I was honestly DREADING it.  I worried about how I would handle (what I thought) would be hours and hours of crying, fussing and whining.  Wouldn't you know...She surprised the HECK out of both Chad and I.  The happiest baby bear you ever did see!  Both driving down there.. AND driving back! Such a HUGE relief!  

Our sweet, sweet bear at 17 months :)  

I thought it was quite appropriate that I was able to catch her doing her favorite thing.. "READING"!  

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