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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a Tease...

It really is a good thing the restaurant isn't necessarily convenient for me to get to during the day...or after work for that matter.  Unlike the Oceanaire (where Chad used to be the Executive Chef) that just so happened to be on my way home.. The Moth and all this Chef Chad Kelley goodness is just far enough out of reach to keep me on some sort of reasonable diet plan.  What a tease though.  Iphone pictures via text... I'm beginning to hate you.  ;)  If the quality of these pictures gets any better I might just start trying to lick the screen... lol!  Too far??  Yeah.. I'm thinking just a little.. lol.  But still.  Look at all that freakin' yummy SUGAR-NESS!!

Croissant Bread Pudding with Nutella Cream...
Seriously Mr. Kelley?! I'm DIABETIC!
Why must you torture me so????!!!  That's. just. MEAN!!

Burgundy Pasture Burger
1000 island, heirloom tomatoes, Tillamook Cheddar and Horseradish Pickles
A menu staple.. Reviewed by some Dallas area bloggers as one of the best in the city..

and this pretty little number..
Watermelon and Quinoa Salad
(Dinner Special last night...)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?...

Over a week later... I decide it's finally time to post these pictures.  :) 

I'm not sure why it had taken me so long to post the pictures I took at last week's pre-season Cowboys vs. Chargers game.. but since I like to keep tabs on what Chad and I do for fun on his days off, I thought I'd back track a little bit and revisit our outing to Cowboys Stadium (on Sunday, August 21st .. for future reference of course).  

It's always nice to get out and about during our Sundays together and thanks to my brother, and his season tickets (well, scratch that... thanks to my new nephew Andrew and my brother's inability to USE his Cowboys season Chad and I took advantage.  And as everyone now knows, we didn't win that particular game..but we had a great time none-the-less. :)  Thanks Omar.. I mean, Andrew ;)

What Jerry Jones buys for a bazillion dollars... an alien ship rising up from the ground.. ;)

 The largest high definition video screen ever made, spanning 20 yard line to 20 yard line.

The interior is pretty impressive, I must say... Doesn't even feel like an alien ship... ;)

I can't imagine the heat those people on the field felt with those blasts..
We felt those things where WE were sitting..

A little Instagram fun..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's What's For Dinner...

So you're obviously too late to partake in The Moth's daily lunch special for today....

(but here's a little looksie anyway on what you missed... just to get your mouth watering.... ;)

The "Californian"  - Chilled Zucchini, Avocado and Sprouts with whipped Chèvre and Parmesan Chips

The good thing is...

It's not too late for DEEENER!! ;)  Come and Get it!

Spicy Eggplant Tartare with Chive Pesto 
Pictured with one of my favorite summer beers - Southern Star Bombshell Blonde :)

Pictures brought to you by: Meddlesome Moth Facebook Page
Food brought to you by:  Chef Chad Kelley and Company :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Belguim Brewery Beer Dinner - Coming Soon

I honestly have no freakin' idea how he does it. 

12 hour days on his feet...moving, prepping, scheduling, managing, ordering, COOKING...making sure food goes out on time, piping hot, perfectly cooked, well seasoned, well dressed, just like you ordered it...making sure the line knows what they should be doing and how they need to be doing it...all while keeping a watchful eye that everything and everyONE is in sync to produce that perfect plate of yummy-ness. 

If you've ever paid attention to how a successful restaurant kitchen is run, you'll know that besides the day-to-day chaos of trying to keep ALL of THAT in check... you still have to prepare for the NEXT great thing to bring in new customers.  How My Chef has time to think of these off-the-wall, BUT TASTY menu items (chicharrones de pato, anyone??) for special beer dinners while running and managing the kitchen during day-to-day operations.. I'll never know... but he's doing it again.  And this time, D Magazine's SideDish is helping spread the word.  I've heard seats are still available.  Get 'em while you can! 


On Monday, Sept. 12 at 6 pm, Lauren Salazar, sensory specialist and educator for New Belgium Brewery, will be at Meddlesome Moth for a night of rare beers, delicious food pairings, and entertaining discourse on New Belgium’s rare Lips of Faith series of ales. Lauren has been with New Belgium for close to 15 years and has been instrumental in developing their Lips of Faith beer program, which focuses on beer experimentation, smaller batch limited releases, special barrel-aged releases, and a combination of old world brewing techniques meeting new world imagination.

Each course will be paired with a beer selection from her prized cellar and will include:

jump for the menu…

First course:
Pate de canard and chicharrones de pato (duck pate with crispy duck pork rinds) paired with Transatlantique Kreik, a spontaneously fermented Lambic ale made with Polish cherries

Second course:
Roasted beet salad with an almond gazpacho and white balsamic syrup, served alongside Biere de Mars

Third course:
Breast of Guinea fowl with curried potatoes, arugula puree, and dried mango chutney paired with Super Cru

Fourth course:
Wild California Sturgeon filet with tempura pineapple and a “cherry coke” glaze, served with Dunkel-weiss, a “grand cru dunkel-weiss”

Fifth course:
Pork belly confit with Cannellini beans and a rosemary pesto with roasted grape marmalade served with La Folie

Sticky bun bread pudding served with an Abbey Grand Cru.

Tickets for the event are $85, which includes tax and gratuity, and can be purchased by calling 214-628-7900. Tickets are limited, and reservations are required.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Fabulous Chef Chad Kelley Special

Scallops with Texas Sweet Corn and Chorizo Butter

All brought to you and brilliantly created (and executed) by this incredibly handsome dude right here... ;)
Sorry ladies, he's taken.  ;)

This is Chad, letting his creative juices flow...and putting them down on paper, so he doesn't forget!  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eat More Chicken :)

Alright, so we all know I'm not a real chef.  I'll leave that very fine distinction to my husband who has slaved in the kitchen for years thinking of new and exciting palate pleasers for the general public.  I, on the other hand, am (most always), left to fend for myself when it comes to dinner-time selections and preparations (because of Chad's crazy restaurant schedule).  Of course, as one would most certainly expect, during our time together I've learned new techniques, tried unusual things...basically I've broken down any food barriers I've ever had.  But when it comes to what I'd like to eat for dinner each night, the choices are always simple.  One pot wonders, and actually, on most days, an egg dish of some sort.  Chad (and everyone who knows me well for that matter) thinks I'm insane for being able to eat the same thing.. day in and day out (if I had to, of course.. I DO change it up a bit, on occassion..  ;) 

One of my go-to "recipes" while Chad's at work is this SUPER easy, Sweet and Tangy Chicken Salad.  I wish I could tell you the actual AMOUNTS of each of these ingredients, but it really is all "to-taste"...and I just TASTE my way along. 

Here's what you'll need though..
- Store Bought Rotisserie Chicken.  (EASY PEASY already!;)  (Torn into small bits with your hands)
- Mayonnaise ( I usually start with this first.. you'll want a light coating, not too heavy and wet)
- Sweet Relish (equal parts sweet & dill. I start with a little of each & add til I've gotten the taste I like)
- Dill Relish (because I like mine "tangy"...I'll add a bit of the dill juice at the end, but only if it needs it)
- Dried Cranberries (for that chewy sweetness...nothing beats it!)
- Salt & Pepper (I always leave this to the end and add, as needed)
- Low Carb (Wheat) Mission Tortillas (I like mine heated through..and yes, I know they aren't "REAL" tortillas..but I'm trying to watch my carbs...and these actually taste great!) 

So... it's not fancy schmancy and all that jazz...but it sure is TASTY!  :) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Fever ;)

With all the hoopla surrounding the arrival of our new nephew Andrew (post: here ... here.. and here ;).. and with the recent Facebook post by a friend of mine, pointing out my “Baby Fever” board on Pinterest… I thought I’d dedicate this post to a few things I’ve been swooning over that is sure to make any baby lovin' woman’s ovaries ache… just a little bit.  (and for all you guy readers out there.. sorry about the “ovaries” bit ;).. but it’s true.   

(all picture credits/tutorials and particular shopping sites, can be found on my Baby Fever Pinterest Board..visit now and FOLLOW ME!!)

Any guesses just how many pictures I'll take of our little bambino LIKE THIS when we finally have kids???
lol.. Sooo cute.  :) 

How seriously cool is this mobile?!  Bookworm anyone?

And because I'm digging so many DIY mobiles, here are a few more inspiring dangles..

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?!?!  These soooooo.. make me want a little girl..

I can already see these THREE shoe pair beauties in a framed shadow box once they've been outgrown...

I wonder if they make these in my size??  ;)

hehehehehe... I love it!

Oh my goodness, seriously? I think I would enjoy this as much, if not MORE than any kid would. 

How fun would this be?!  For all the cousins sleeping over of course.. ;)

For our future little Chef.  :)

I want to play in THIS grocery market!
I wonder if it sells any unusual ingredients for Chef Chad to try?  ;)

The architect in me wants to make something like this.. NOW..
kid or no kid.. ;)

What a fun way to dress up a ceiling!  Love it :)

I bet everyone thought this was a pregnancy announcement...
hehehehe.. GOTCHA!
(You'll just  have to keep waiting... AND keep reading!)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spam.a.lot. :)

It's funny and amazing how Chef brain's work...well I can't speak for every Chef I guess... so let me start again.  It's funny and amazing how MY Chef's brain works.  ;)  He's always looking for that ONE random ingredient to try... that one, unknown "What-cha-ma-call-it" to test out as a possible menu item.  When we hit the neighborhood Asian market by our house, we always...and I mean ALWAYS, come home with the most random, off-the-wall ingredients.  Stuff you can't pronounce...stuff in funny packaging...stuff that sometimes...just. doesn't. even. LOOK. right.. but yes, it's in our cart...and yes, my chef is quite excited to try it out.  :)  The good thing about this process though, is that there's always a "taste-testing" phase that goes along with it.  (Thank the Lord, Baby Jesus for THAT.. is all I have to say.. lol)

A few days ago, I got THESE pictures via text.  It wasn't a new asian ingredient, it wasn't a new spice... It really WAS as if he just ran out of things to experiment with... lol.  Really Chef?...REALLY?!  SPAM?!?!  lol..  It's probably a good thing for everyone that it didn't make it onto the menu.. even as a "special".  ;)  Although he said it was "surprisingly good"...he just couldn't "stomach both halves of the sandwich"...and I'm honestly, not surprised.  :)  Gotta love the hubs though for being creative!  :)

Bacon and Turkey Spam Sandwich with Two Fried Eggs and Tomatoes...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Monday Everyone :)

How could anyone's Monday be poops when you have this adorable little guy to smile at?   :) :) 
(hehehehe.. I said poops.. hehehehehe.. ;)  And just because I needed a reason to smile, I thought I'd throw in some more pictures of my adorable nephew Andrew from my visit down to the valley last week.  I can't believe it's already been a week since I've seen this little guy!  Can't wait to visit you again Papa!  :)

And I know I already posted a similar picture of Andrew and Addie...but I just thought this one was hilarious when I was looking through that file of pictures again.  :) 

Cutest CRY EVER!!  :)

Happy Monday Everyone!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tonight's Chef Chad Kelley Specials @ The Moth

Come & Get It!

Hungry and can't decide what to do for dinner tonight?  It's not too late to enjoy tonight's Chef Chad Kelley Specials at The Moth down in the Design District.  :)

(And once you're there... say HI to my chef!  ;)

Togarashi Dusted Chicken Wings with Sweet and Sour Garlic Sauce

Pork Belly Confit over Parsley Cannelini Beans and Roasted Grapes in Red Wine Demi

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anthony Bourdain + The Moth + Chef Chad Kelley's Bone Marrow

What do you get when you combine Anthony Bourdain and Chef Chad Kelley's Bone Marrow dish at The Moth??.... PURE, ABSOLUTE AWESOMENESS!!

There's definitely something to be said for getting a well known publication, (The Dallas Observer: City of Ate) to refer your food to THE Anthony Bourdain...chef, food writer, Travel Channel show host, and certified BAD A$$...

For as much as we watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on the Travel Channel each week, a trip to The Moth by him.... for me.. (and Chad as well, I am MORE than certain), would be nothing short of EPIC.  Yesterday The Dallas Observer, City of Ate planted the seed for a little visit to The Moth to try Chef Chad Kelley's bone marrow while in Dallas in's hoping some of Tony's travel exec's read it and take note.  :) 

Set to take stage at the Majestic Theater here in Dallas on October 27th, Tony may not have much time to take in ALL the fun and unique DFW area restaurants, but I sure hope he makes time to visit Chad at The Moth for what he calls his "desert island dish". 

Here's what the Dallas Observer had to say... (and this is just a print screen of the online can go read the real thing here.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to Texas Ya'll :)

Schmidt Family Dallas Take-Over... A Mini-Series  ;)

Since even before our wedding back in 2009 (WOW...has it really almost been TWO years since we got married?!?)...Chad's sister (Christy) and husband (Ryan).. with our niece (Kenzie) and nephew (Logan).. have been plotting their slealthy escape from sunny Southern California.  Now if you've ever been to sunny Southern California, you're probably wondering, why in sam HELL, would you EVER leave beautiful California for...TEXAS, of all places?!  Well, besides the obvious.. (US!! ;).. California is a pretty freakin' expensive place to live.  With the current job market not looking too hot and with two beautiful kiddos to raise, there really wasn't a question about whether they WOULD move out... it was just a matter of WHEN they'd move out.  Apparently, the time had finally come... and we are ESTATIC!

A few months ago... talk about a move out here stirred again.  Initially, their plan had been to plant roots in Austin... but, after NOT TOO much convincing on our part...we got them to choose Dallas as their home away from least for the first part of their "Take over Texas Tour".  ;)  Plans are currently underway and we should be expecting our little extended family to show their pretty faces around the middle of September!  We couldn't be more excited to finally have family living near by... now we just need to get Chad's mom to move out here too ;)  Planting the seed already...  

We'll just casually leave out how ridiculous these summers have been here...ssssshhhhhh... ;) 

We can't wait to be able to see these cutie faces anytime we want!!  :)

Logan (second from left) and Kenzie...with their second cousins Hayden (far left) and James (far right)

What a stud!

Cute little face!

And Christy, you can thank me later for leaving out pictures of you and Ryan .. ;)  I know how much you LOVE pictures!  Can't wait to see you guys!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy...

It's crazy how my visit home was both long and short, all at the same time.  It felt like it had been so long since I was back at work..(with the pile of papers waiting for me on my chair this morning, who could forget!)... and it felt like forever since I'd seen the hubs last, when I finally made it back to Dallas yesterday afternoon.  Not to mention how it feels like a LIFETIME since I'd blogged last (or read any blogs on my google reader list for that matter...gasp!!)... yet, my time snuggling my new, sweet nephew felt like a split second. :/  How is that possible?  I could've stayed there forever.. (if only Chad and Macie had been with me of course ;) takin' in all that brand spankin' new, baby goodness.  I just couldn't get enough of his baby smell (WHAT IS IT about new baby smell that I love so much?!?!) his tiny, itty, bitty fingers & toes (which seemed entirely too small and delicate to be real), and his sweet newborn sounds... It broke my heart to leave him behind...since I know the next time I'll see him, he'll surely be double the size. :/  All I know is that I can't wait to see this little face again...

Teaser pictures.. more to come later. :)

One of his very few cries... caught on camera. :)
He's such a good baby, he hardly cried at all!

Awww, brother and sister love.  :)  Addie was THRILLED to be able to hold him for this picture. 
Which was actually shocking considering she HATES taking pictures now for some reason. 

Caught... Right after this, she ran into her closet and insisted that I STOP taking pictures.. lol..

Grandpa and baby Andrew..

Grandma love.. :)

Addie baking her new baby brother yummy cupcakes.. :)

She wouldn't look at the camera, BUT she was more than willing to talk to her baby brother!

Sweet little boy...