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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Belguim Brewery Beer Dinner - Coming Soon

I honestly have no freakin' idea how he does it. 

12 hour days on his feet...moving, prepping, scheduling, managing, ordering, COOKING...making sure food goes out on time, piping hot, perfectly cooked, well seasoned, well dressed, just like you ordered it...making sure the line knows what they should be doing and how they need to be doing it...all while keeping a watchful eye that everything and everyONE is in sync to produce that perfect plate of yummy-ness. 

If you've ever paid attention to how a successful restaurant kitchen is run, you'll know that besides the day-to-day chaos of trying to keep ALL of THAT in check... you still have to prepare for the NEXT great thing to bring in new customers.  How My Chef has time to think of these off-the-wall, BUT TASTY menu items (chicharrones de pato, anyone??) for special beer dinners while running and managing the kitchen during day-to-day operations.. I'll never know... but he's doing it again.  And this time, D Magazine's SideDish is helping spread the word.  I've heard seats are still available.  Get 'em while you can! 


On Monday, Sept. 12 at 6 pm, Lauren Salazar, sensory specialist and educator for New Belgium Brewery, will be at Meddlesome Moth for a night of rare beers, delicious food pairings, and entertaining discourse on New Belgium’s rare Lips of Faith series of ales. Lauren has been with New Belgium for close to 15 years and has been instrumental in developing their Lips of Faith beer program, which focuses on beer experimentation, smaller batch limited releases, special barrel-aged releases, and a combination of old world brewing techniques meeting new world imagination.

Each course will be paired with a beer selection from her prized cellar and will include:

jump for the menu…

First course:
Pate de canard and chicharrones de pato (duck pate with crispy duck pork rinds) paired with Transatlantique Kreik, a spontaneously fermented Lambic ale made with Polish cherries

Second course:
Roasted beet salad with an almond gazpacho and white balsamic syrup, served alongside Biere de Mars

Third course:
Breast of Guinea fowl with curried potatoes, arugula puree, and dried mango chutney paired with Super Cru

Fourth course:
Wild California Sturgeon filet with tempura pineapple and a “cherry coke” glaze, served with Dunkel-weiss, a “grand cru dunkel-weiss”

Fifth course:
Pork belly confit with Cannellini beans and a rosemary pesto with roasted grape marmalade served with La Folie

Sticky bun bread pudding served with an Abbey Grand Cru.

Tickets for the event are $85, which includes tax and gratuity, and can be purchased by calling 214-628-7900. Tickets are limited, and reservations are required.

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