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Friday, December 19, 2014

Kelley Christmas House, Mini Tour - 2014

Every year Christmas always seems to sneak up on me.  With Everleigh's birthday at the end of September  kicking off the long list of holidays, birthdays and anniversaries in our family (that just so happen to fall before New Years), the hub-bub of Christmas usually hits me like a ton of bricks.  

This year though, I felt the urge to "deck our halls" WAAAAY before Thanksgiving even hit us.  Maybe it was the cold snap we had in early November, or the Christmas commercials that I swear I saw before Halloween.. or maybe it was the fact that we WEREN'T frantically trying to re-paint a room, or trying to get new furniture in the house before family arrived (like we were doing last year).  Whatever the reason, I was ready for it... Chad on the other hand, not so much.  ;)  After a few weeks of slow and steady persuasion (read: nagging ;) he thankfully came around.  ;) 

A few weeks ago, with plenty of time to enjoy our festive house, it FINALLY began to FEEL a lot like Christmas at our house  :)  

So without further ado, a Kelley Christmas house MINI tour
(because we really didn't put up THAT much 

 The one thing that I was most excited about this year was the purchase of our new Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Garland.  It definitely was more than I would've normally spent on garland but I really wanted something that looked realistic and would be long lasting. 

Compared to the fresh fraser fir wreath hanging nearby, the garland looks amazingly realistic.  
So very pleased!  Can't wait to get more "filler" for it next year..this year I chose to keep it pretty simple.  

We actually have plans to eventually re-stain the whole mantle to match the kitchen cabinets (we aren't big fans of the cherry stain)..but since Jesus is the reason for the season, the previous owner's stencil "God with Us" seems fitting for our Christmas decor.  

Took some FREE fraser fir Christmas tree cuttings and went crazy covering the top of our console and making a new, simple wreath with berry stems and wired ribbon from Michaels.  

And because what post would be complete without Everleigh.. here she is, redecorating her very own tree again.  

Glitter balls off.  Glitter balls on.  Glitter balls off.  Glitter balls all on one single branch at the very bottom of the tree making half her tree bare.  Glitter balls off.  ;)  And repeat.  

And because (according to Everleigh) her Christmas tree decorating skills were needed at her cousins house, she went crazy over there too.  ;)