Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Countdown to Wedding Day! :)

236 days and counting....

I can't believe how quickly our day is approaching. One day we were on our first date, the next day engaged and tomorrow we will be MARRIED! What a roller coaster! I'm glad we started planning and prepping early.... cause we are looking mighty fine with our plans... just got a couple things left to take care of and we are all SET! :) So far, here are the things that we've already made solid decisions on.

1. Church- done and secured!
2. Reception venue- done and secured!
3. Wedding dress- Picked out and has been purchased!! It's soooooo pretty!! :)
4. Colors/Theme- Got it!
5. Bridesmaids & their dresses- Picked, decided on and about to be ordered!
6. "Save the Dates" - Has been designed and finalized.. just need to be printed.
7. Wedding planner - has been hired and secured and has already begun to work for us! Yeah!
8. Invites - Color, paper and style of the invite has been selected, just need to format the wording!
9. Photographer- Was one of the first things we secured!
10. Videographer- Awesome people out of Lubbock... date has been secured!
11. Wedding Cake- Has been chosen and have secured our date.. :) YUMMY!!
12. Wedding Website - almost done... just need to add our registry information on it...

Other than all that... we've got a couple things left to do.. like deciding on the flower arrangements and Chad's tux stuff... and finish our registries... I can't wait for this day!!

I still can't believe I'm getting married!!!