Love and Food in the Big D

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Porn Daily - Feature Shot :)

What an AWESOME way to start the day!!... :) 

I'm BEYOND giddy right now :)  Food Porn Daily, a foodie lover's website which highlights a single, daily photo of some pretty amazing food, actually featured one of MY photos from one of Chad's beer dinners!  (Dinner Club with Jim White - The Meddlesome Moth) :)  Little 'ol ME...can you EVEN BELIEVE IT?!  How amazing is that?! Can you tell I'm a bit excited?!

When I ventured over to their website yesterday to see what the daily food shot was...something came over me.  For whatever reason, I thought I could hang with the big boys and decided (in a certain rush of insanity no doubt) to submit a photo.  I thought, "what the's worth a shot, right?"  Who knew that I'd be at the very front of the line for their daily photo... TODAY!  Not next week, not next month...not in...maybe-we'll-get-to-you-when-we've-run-out-of-other-great-and-inspiring-shots....noooo...TODAY!! Less than 12 hours after submission...there it was.  In all its glory.  Wow.  I'm kinda still in shock.  :)  I hope they weren't just low on submissions or something.. ;)  Oh well, even if they were, it's still an incredible honor.  Thank you, Food Porn Daily!  Now..Click. Drool. Repeat.  :)

Screen Shot of what I saw this morning.. :) Isn't she preeetttyy??  ;)

And lastly...I'd like to thank the Academy photo editors of Food Porn Daily ;)... for driving an insane amount of traffic to our little wee blog... :) 

And if you've made it to the bottom of this post WITHOUT having yet gone to see the foodporndaily website with my NOW famous duck photo (hehehehe..)... shame on you!  Click HERE