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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dinner Club with Jim White - The Meddlesome Moth

As part of my "wifely" duties, and in order to get IN on the action (insert devilish wink here ;), I headed down to The Moth last night to capture one of the restaurants many special events.  Let's just say, I WORK FOR FOOD!  My job:  Photograph the evening and the delicious food as it came my way.  My reward:  A mighty fine FIVE course meal!!  ;)  What a lovely proposition that was!  I had a corner seat at the bar where I not only saw the action on the dining floor, but was able to see all the hub-bub in the kitchen as the staff buzzed away getting ready for Jim White and his guests for the evening.  Jim White is creator and the man behind Dallas' own Savor Dallas, a yearly wine and food event that Chad and I have been lucky enough to attend (and in Chad's case, participate in).   Five courses, five pairings, and a great turn out for this Dinner Club event... in one word, SUCCESS! 

The first course wine prepped and waiting for the night's guests to arrive...

The beautiful stained glass focal points of the restaurant..

Jim White interviewing Chad for his website  :)

After the guests had begun to arrive, Chad began to plate the first course of oysters, mussels, and shrimp.

Oysters in a cucumber/strawberry salad, spanish marinated mussels and jumbo shrimp with tarragon and dijon cream

Working hard on the next course...

As the rest of the restaurant's guests enjoy the bar...

My wine for round two... of FIVE!

So I know I'm a little biased.... or at least I can be, but I have to say that the second course was absolutely FABULOUS!
Coffee cured duck confit with cocoa nib, pistachios and a cherry jam that I could've STUCK MY FACE IN!!!  HEAVENLY!! 

So pretty! 

So all the while the staff was prepping away, Jim got in on the action in his own way, video taping from the dining room  :)

Next up:  Intermezzo - Henry's Raspberry Sorbet & Lambic Float to cleanse the palate

Third Course:  Spring Rolls - Wild Baby Arugula, Texas Peach and Smoked Speck

A glass of Basserie Du Pont, Saison  to wash it all down :)

Fourth Course:  Veal Breast Roulade with Rabbit Sausage & Turnip Puree

View of my spot at the bar... one of the BEST seats in the house! 

Last call for alcohol...  :)  Ron Zacapa Rum 

Paired with the final and most delicious course of the evening... the REAL reason why I chose to participate in this photography session.  ;)

Warm Brioche Bread Pudding - Golden Raisin Caramel, Lime Anglaise and Cashew Brittle

Rum Shot.  Literally.  lol.. :)

Now LOOK AT THAT creamy, yummy goodness! 

What a way to end the night  :) :)

A sea of yummy goodness  :)

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Kelli said...

That looks so YUMMY!!! Wish I could have been there for that!!