Love and Food in the Big D

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dallas Arboretum - Chihuly Exhibit at Night

In a last minute attempt to cram as much fun into our last remaining days of freedom before this baby arrives.. ;)  (kidding.. but not really.. ;)  Chad and I hit the Chihuly Night Exhibit before it's departure in November.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful and of course the glass sculptures did NOT disappoint.   Absolutely BREATHTAKING!  I was also honestly surprised how well our little workhorse camera did at capturing those amazing creations.  Little to NO editing was needed on the majority of these photos.  Granted, I DO tend to take a million and one photos of the same thing, in the off chance that one shot is more "in focus" than the other or at a better angle.. so my odds were greater that we'd get good shots.  Luckily, we had a lot of beautiful photos to choose from.  Great job little Canon Rebel.  I think we'll keep you.  :) 

36 Weeks 3 days :)

36 Weeks, 3 days

Baby Belly Stats for the Week of Sept. 10th:

TWO WEEKS til induction!! :) 
(No official date set as of this point.. final date determined at OB appointment, Tuesday, September 18th)
Baby's Estimated Weight: 6lbs 12 oz of pure baby lovin'!! 
Feet:  Swollen to the size of FENCE POSTS :/ (NOT CUTE. AT. ALL!!!)
Dilation:  Not one tiny bit
Sleeping:  Half the Night
Diabetes:  Still Rockin' :)
Blood Pressure:  Perfect :)