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Thursday, September 12, 2013

NEW Kelley Digs :)

So before we get to the "AFTER" photos of what all we've done to try and make our NEW house OUR home, here are the listing pictures that brought this gem to our attention.  Although we fell in love right away with its open layout (perfect for entertaining), and the ridiculous amount of rooms and square footage (we got SUPER lucky with the size for the price)... we knew right away that making it our own would require a lot of painting.  A. LOT.  As in..damn near every single room!  And because we wanted to tackle as much as we could of the painting part before we brought in our furniture.. two weeks into owning this home, and we're BARELY starting to somewhat settle in, SLOOOOOOWWWLY taking stuff out of boxes and putting things away.

But without further ado... our NEW Kelley Digs!  Visit soon.  Visit Often.  :)  

Cowboy boot planter will be put up on Craigslist soon.  Claim it now if you want it.  ;)  

Even though this textured look works for a lot of people.. and wasn't actually BAD... it wasn't really our taste.  First order of business was to NEUTRALIZE the entire house with paint.  
We ended up painting the entry area / office, living room, hallways and kitchen:
Sherwin Williams, Pavillion Beige.  

Pretty for some.. but a little dated feeling to us.  
We painted over the red (under the chair rail) a crisp white (Sherwim Williams - Pure White)
The top portion a dark grey (Sherwin Williams - Backdrop) 
We also got an AWESOME new light fixture from West Elm for the dining room too that we can't wait to put up.  Oh and a new dining table too!!  Woo hoo for hosting more dinner parties :) :) 

They used this first floor room as their office.. we're going to use it as a guest room.  
Sherwin Williams - Pavillion Beige all around

MASTER BEDROOM - Hasn't been touched.  
We actually liked the color and didn't feel we needed to rush into painting it.. YET.  ;) 
Bought a new fan that still needs to be installed.  

The border NEEDS to GO!!! ASAP.. 
Light Fixture needs to be replaced
Mirrors - gets a new frame
Cabinets need a new coat of paint.  They were painted in some crackle brown ugliness.  
Tub faucet fixture - changed out eventually.  

Now the kitchen is where we've spent the majority of our sweat and man hours.  WHEW!! Boy oh boy!!.. Let's just say that at first glance, we knew IMMEDIATELY that we would NOT be able to live with the color of the cabinets for very long.  Not even a SLIGHT chance.. in hell.  Knowing full well how much of a process this was going to be... we researched a head of time and tackled this bad boy FIRST.  What a production!  We took every single cabinet door down.. took off the hinges, sanded everything down and stained each one... letting each side dry for at least 24 hours.  27 cabinet doors and 10 drawers later.. and these orange cabinets have been TRANSFORMED!!

They look AMAZING now.. can't wait to show you the difference!!  
(Quite possibly in the next post.. I've yet to take pictures of them all hung up and pretty).  

All that faux-ness has been painted over and that fixture above the sink has been replaced with a REALLY cool Edison bulb pendant light :)  
Still need to figure out what the heck we are going to do about that box light overhead.  YUCK!

Still looking for a new kitchen pendant light for above our kitchen table.. 


Living room got a cool new fan .. not that four light mess that seemed to hang too low in the room.. 
We bought new fans for every room that will be replaced soon as well.. 

UPSTAIRS BEDROOM #1 - Everleigh's Room :)
Initially, I had a hard time deciding which room Everleigh would get.  This one has a slightly smaller walk-in closet but cute vaulted ceilings... so, it won.  :)  And of course, it got a painting overhaul too.  
Yellow and Red NO MORE!  :)  

Hasn't been touched... is now our gym.  Or at least that's where we parked our elliptical.  ;) 
You know the thing that hasn't been touched since this whole house moving process started... yeah, that one.  

While they used this room as a theater room, we had different plans for using this space...  
game room for Everleigh of course!!  And while the DARK maroon appealed to my Aggie heart, I knew it had to go.  This is another transformation worth seeing.  It went from a dark, dungeon-like space to light, bright and airy!  :)  DARK NO MORE!!  (Pictures coming soon!)

Macie's dream come true!!  I think Chad and I were both more excited for Macie and Everleigh having a place to run than anything else. lol.. 

Hope ya'll enjoyed our new house tour..  
Come visit us soon :)  

Daily Dose of Everleigh - VIDEO

In the midst of cleaning, packing, moving, sweating, painting...UNpacking and PAINTING some more... I'm sorry to say that I've neglected this blog.  Just yesterday, I gave up on EVERYTHING that needed to be done around the house and just sat there.. blankly staring at the TV for the entire evening.  After being without television for just over two weeks (I don't usually even watch that much TV..but the house had been so incredibly QUIET without it),  I took the opportunity to turn to mush on the couch after Everleigh had gone to bed.  Did I feel guilty about it?  Yeah a bit.. but we've been in fast forward since the day we closed on the house...and although we've made HUGE strides, I'm not sure I see the finish line anytime soon.  

So, even though, I promised a house tour... I'm leaving you with a little bit of Everleigh cuteness for now.  :)  
I'm sure you're disappointed.. but you'll get over it soon enough.  ;)  She's just so DAMN cute!!  :)