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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily Dose of Everleigh - VIDEO

In the midst of cleaning, packing, moving, sweating, painting...UNpacking and PAINTING some more... I'm sorry to say that I've neglected this blog.  Just yesterday, I gave up on EVERYTHING that needed to be done around the house and just sat there.. blankly staring at the TV for the entire evening.  After being without television for just over two weeks (I don't usually even watch that much TV..but the house had been so incredibly QUIET without it),  I took the opportunity to turn to mush on the couch after Everleigh had gone to bed.  Did I feel guilty about it?  Yeah a bit.. but we've been in fast forward since the day we closed on the house...and although we've made HUGE strides, I'm not sure I see the finish line anytime soon.  

So, even though, I promised a house tour... I'm leaving you with a little bit of Everleigh cuteness for now.  :)  
I'm sure you're disappointed.. but you'll get over it soon enough.  ;)  She's just so DAMN cute!!  :)

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