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Monday, July 14, 2014

Southern California Adventures - Day 2 - Pennypickle's Workshop

Thursday, July 3, 2014

After a casual afternoon (and evening) catching up with family on our first day in California...Day 2 started with a little trip to Temecula's very own Children's Museum, Pennypickle's Workshop.  What a fun and interesting place for kids (AND ADULTS!).  We had such a great time exploring all the rooms with random gadgets and interactive displays...we even came back with so many wonderful ideas to add to our playroom back home!  :)

Information taken from their website:  
Located in the heart of Old Town Temecula, Southern California, The Professor's home...7,500 square feet of it, is cluttered with hands-on inventions, gadgets, experiments... kids won't even know they're learning as they play! 

The Dining Room - Power & Electricity
The Professor uses this room to tinker with electricity and lights. The Electrolight-o-later chandelier is not your typical light fixture, as you can see. How do you turn it on? The antique pie safe, of course! Each switch and knob will turn on a different bulb. The glass panels on the cabinet are filled with static electricity... all the more fun to touch, my dear....

Because THIS was the best picture we could get of all four kids together.  Lol.  
Someone was NOT being very cooperative with the group photos.  ;) 

Playing one instrument at a time was not enough for the Professor, so he turned a grand piano into the Philharmonica-matic, which plays many different instruments! His "Delayed Speech" machine, old jukebox, and an attempt to turn a sewing machine into a record player are here, too.

Grandma D getting in on the fun.  :)

It's kind of messy, but what did you expect? The sink is filled with powerful magnets and iron shavings, the pizza twister is covered with boxes, you can see a little bit of the peanut butter & jelly sandwich-making machine, and let's not even talk about the refrigerator.

We loved these gears so much (and they way they displayed them on sheet pans screwed to the wall),
we ordered them off amazon that same day!  :) 

Exploring the blacklight room with Daddy... 
Who was proudly sporting his "highlighter arm tattoo".. that the staff drew on him upon entry.  :)

Aaaaaannnd... we're over it.  ;) 
Mini meltdown in session.  

Spending some quality time with Aunt Denise... Chad's mom's TWIN!  
You could tell Everleigh was a bit confused by Denise's striking resemblance to her Grandma D.  ;) 

Art time with her cousins Kenzie and Hayden (Chad's cousin's son ;)

Enjoying the WARM afternoon out on the patio with her Aunt Angela :)

Our Bear, showing the world how cool she is in her daddy's flip flops and cool sunglasses :)

Warming up to Uncle Bob :)