Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, November 25, 2013

New York City - Day 3 ; Four Year Anniversary Weekend

Day 3 - Our last full day in New York City and we were set to make the best of it.  We had a few specific things that we knew we wanted to see and do...but much like the other days, we just walked...and walked.. and walked some more.  

Our last day, in pictures.   

The Empire State Building

Our first stop of the day:  The New York Public Library to check out an exhibit on Children's books that we heard great things about.  :)  And of course the architecture geek in me, got excited about all the amazing details in this building.  (But apparently I forgot to take daytime pictures of the exterior).. Boo.. Party foul! 

Goodnight Moon

The original stuffed animals of the real life Christopher Robin Milne born in 1920, pictured with his father, author and creator of Winnie the Pooh :)  

and what to my wandering eyes did appear... 


Funny how my eye went straight to that every single time I scanned over this tower of book titles

Top of the Rock : Our view to the Empire State Building..

We had heard it was much easier and faster to get to the Top of Rockefeller Center than it was to get through the lines of the Empire State Building.  And because I had already been to the Empire State Building (and Chad didn't really mind either way, he hates heights anyway ;) we went with building that we thought might get us better views of Central Park.  

It took less than 20 minutes to purchase tickets, wait in line and ride the elevator to the top!  

With about an hour and a half to waste before we were set to see the Broadway show, The Lion King.. 
We made sure to get some New York City PIZZA!  :)  

I honestly wasn't expecting the bottom to be so nice and crispy!  So, so good!  

Next Up:  The Lion King :) 
Where of course, no pictures were allowed. Wah, wah, Waaaaahhh...

The Empire State Building from Bryant Park.  

To cap off our trip to this amazing city, we were excited to get a chance to meet up with one of Chad's old culinary school friends Leslie and her boyfriend in Brooklyn.  After a few pre-dinner drinks at a local bar, we took our bellies to this quaint little Italian restaurant:  Lunetta

Thanks for a great trip New York City!  Can't wait to come back :) 
 So much left unseen!