Love and Food in the Big D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Endings - Day 5 San Francisco, CA

Five days down and our time had come to say goodbye to our long awaited vacation in Yosemite.  It had nearly taken an act of Congress to pull this time off...with Chad's crazy work schedule, I was grateful to have this time with him, but I was also kind of looking forward to my bed again.  It seemed quite obvious to spend our last day on vacation in San Francisco.  A nice dinner, a warm shower and a cozy bed was all we needed to top off our amazing vacation.

Farewell Yosemite.  Until we meet again.  :(

The short but extremely STEEP way down

Making our way...

To our swanky hotel.  The Prescott

We also thought it fitting to end our last night with a trip to the very restaurant we came to on our honeymoon almost one year ago.  It was just as we had left it...delicious! 

Frascati's Italian Restaurant - recommended by local and friend Jennifer Fontenella for our honeymoon.  We liked it so much, we came back!

So many wonderful things to choose from!

I'll be the first to say that I'm not really a red wine person... 
I'll almost always choose white wine over reds any day..but this one...
Yeah.. I'll take that one.  Mmmmmm...

I chose the chicken.  Made simply..but OH. SO. TASTY!

Mmmmm....carbs... ;) 

And who could go without
Sweet Endings.... 

My last birthday treat....til next year ;)
Chocolate Bread Pudding!!