Love and Food in the Big D

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miss Macie Blue Kelley turns THREE :)

I find it hard now to think back before Miss Macie came into our lives...before I knew the joy she'd bring...before I realized how a sweet puppy could soften the heart just by looking into her eyes.  Truthfully, I didn't think I was "ready" for her.  I tried to find every excuse I could think of, to NOT get her.  I was afraid of the time and dedication it was going to take to train a dog... the potential disruption to our lives that might come from introducing a dog into our little world of two.  And then one Sunday afternoon, on our way home from brunch almost three years ago, something came over me and I told Chad that maybe we should take a detour to Operation Kindness.  You should've seen the look of surprise on Chad's was classic :)...but he'd didn't dare object and we were there in minutes.  Literally, what felt like two seconds later, I fell in love.  She looked so scared. Helpless.  In a room of over-stimulated, BARKING-at-the-top-of their-lungs dogs... she just sat there patiently...waiting... for us (well for ME) to notice the love in her eyes.

Three years later, she's still the sweetest, most lovable puppy you'd ever meet.  We're honored to be her parents..we couldn't have chosen a better addition to our lives.  :) 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl...
Mommy and Daddy LOVE YOU!!

Heading to the park to play with her doggie friends for her birthday!  :)