Love and Food in the Big D

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Addie's 5th Birthday & Sweet Cousin Time :)

There was absolutely, positively NO WAY of stopping this last weekend from being JAM PACKED full of activities.  From Everleigh's baptism (the day before) to Addie's 5th birthday party on Saturday... The Maldonado's and The Kelley's were here, there and everywhere... from the moment we landed in Harlingen... to the moment we landed back in Dallas.  Talk about an EXHAUSTING weekend!!  Short but definitely VERY, VERY sweet :)  

Considering all the chaos surrounding this particular visit to the valley, Everleigh cooperated in every way possible.  Napping when given the opportunity, socializing when the party started... She was MORE than just a TROOPER!!  Everyone had a great time... INCLUDING, the birthday girl herself!  

Happy 5th Birthday Addison :)  

Thank you for sharing your special day with your cousin! 
(Addie's birthday was actually on Friday, (April 26th) the same day we baptized Everleigh ;)  

Addie and her friends with her Brave themed cake.  

All dressed up... minus the red WIG!! (She chickened out.. lol)

"Well what's over there mommy...?? "

Bawwoooon!!!  ATTACK!!

Sweet Andrew always loved to be around his baby cousin.. :)

Everleigh and her daddy being silly.  :)

Caught her starting to yawn :)

After the party was over, it was time to open PRESENTS!!  :)

And take pictures!!  :)

And wrestle with the baby!!  :) 

"Hey, hey, hey now.. what's all the ruckus?!?!"

"What you got there....?? Hmmmmm......????"

ATTACK!!  LOL!  Love the scared look on Andrew's face:)  Classic!

Being Silly..

They love each other.. :)

My little happy white girl.. :)


Time to RIDE!!

Excuse me!!! Coming through... :)

"Excuse me sir.. I seem to have a little problem here... "

"Oh no worries!!.. You just push the button right there..."

"Oh well aren't you clever?!.. Silly me.. Thanks so much!.  :)

Love how sweet Andrew was to his baby cousin.. :) 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Baptismal Blessings for our Sweet Bear Everleigh

When it came time to plan Everleigh's baptism, a few things were certain.  

1. We were going to have it in the valley with a private service in Brownsville 
2.  My brother Omar and sister in law Christi were going to be Everleigh's Godparents
3. Because I'm Addie's Godmother, I wanted Everleigh to wear Addie's baptismal dress 
(blog post on Addie's baptism HERE)
4.  and lastly I wanted to work our trip around Addie's birthday weekend so we could ensure Chad would be able to join in on the fun as well.  ;)  

The day couldn't have gone more smoothly.  Aside from the church being RIDICULOUSLY hot when we first arrived... It was a beautiful ceremony...short and sweet....with a family priest friend presiding over her baptism.  Everleigh cooperated, not a whimper, not a peep...just sheer curiosity about the events happening around her.  She was a perfect angel.  So proud of my bear.. :)

Everleigh, with her Godparents, Omar and Christi

And cousins, Addie and Andrew

Everleigh with my parents.. :)

With my Grandma Nana

With a longtime family friend Sister Gloria and Nana
Everleigh with Christi's parents 
(I love how no one mentioned the BURP CLOTH on my shoulder!! lol..)