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Friday, April 26, 2013

Baptismal Blessings for our Sweet Bear Everleigh

When it came time to plan Everleigh's baptism, a few things were certain.  

1. We were going to have it in the valley with a private service in Brownsville 
2.  My brother Omar and sister in law Christi were going to be Everleigh's Godparents
3. Because I'm Addie's Godmother, I wanted Everleigh to wear Addie's baptismal dress 
(blog post on Addie's baptism HERE)
4.  and lastly I wanted to work our trip around Addie's birthday weekend so we could ensure Chad would be able to join in on the fun as well.  ;)  

The day couldn't have gone more smoothly.  Aside from the church being RIDICULOUSLY hot when we first arrived... It was a beautiful ceremony...short and sweet....with a family priest friend presiding over her baptism.  Everleigh cooperated, not a whimper, not a peep...just sheer curiosity about the events happening around her.  She was a perfect angel.  So proud of my bear.. :)

Everleigh, with her Godparents, Omar and Christi

And cousins, Addie and Andrew

Everleigh with my parents.. :)

With my Grandma Nana

With a longtime family friend Sister Gloria and Nana
Everleigh with Christi's parents 
(I love how no one mentioned the BURP CLOTH on my shoulder!! lol..)

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