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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Everleigh Isabella Kelley - 1 Year and Counting

So like a bad mom, I just realized (obviously WAAAY late!) that I never actually posted Everleigh's 1 year photo session because of Christmas presents, (photo book for the Grandparents of course) this past year. 

**Note:  I'll be posting this with a September 25th date because we actually took these photos ON her actual birthday, and I'd like this post to fall in chronological order with the rest of her posts.** 

Thanks to the lovely Miss Shannon Skloss for once again coming through with some pretty fantastic photos of our sweet Bear :)  We love them ALL!!  

To see Everleigh's past professional photo sessions (all taken by Shannon :) click on the links below.  

365 Days of Everleigh - FIRST Birthday :)

Dear Sweet Baby Bear..

I can't believe you're one.  ONE!?!  I actually handled this day better than I thought I would.  In the days and even weeks leading up to now, I couldn't even look back at your old photos without getting sad about how quickly you were growing.  A giant knot would well up in my stomach as I feared I had missed something…or slept too much… or that I didn’t take enough of you in.  Growing and changing right before our very eyes, every day experiencing something new.  Not only you, but us as well.  Figuring out your quirks.  What you liked.  What you didn’t.  How you slept best.  It’s been a learning process for all of us.  A roller coaster of sorts.  But the good coaster kind.  The beginner ones.  The gentle ones that little kids go on first… the 4’ and under kind. ;)

You have honestly, truly been such an amazing baby.  I know I've said that before.. and I'm sure I sound like a broken record to some, but (and I know I can speak on behalf of your dad when I say this but) we've never felt luckier to have you.  You've taught us how to love unconditionally.  You've taught us patience....and pure joy.  You've taught us to live life for the moment...and to slow down and enjoy every second.  I know now how to focus.  To REALLY focus on the little things that mean the most.  And you mean the most to me.  You and your dad have been the most amazing blessings in my life.  Without him, I wouldn't have you.  And for that, I am thankful.  Extremely thankful for all the blessings in my life.  For all the family that support us.  And love us.  The friends that have watched you grow for the last year and the people in our lives who have been there for us every step of the way.  Thank you for being such an amazing baby.  I couldn't have imagined a better year for ALL of us!  

With Grandpa and Grandma Maldonado in town, and a small party planned for you this weekend... here are a few pictures we captured of your FIRST birthday photo session with our dear friend Shannon (who took your newborn and 6 month photos!) Her's will OBVIOUSLY be better...but here are the ones we captured while we all stood behind her trying to get your attention (with Iphones and cameras and even Logan with his DS!)