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Saturday, April 26, 2008


April 26, 2008 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDIE!!)

If there was ever an ultimate test of your patience, it would have to be the ever ticking time clock of pregnancy. I'm not even pregnant... nor have I ever even BEEN pregnant so I don’t even know what’s worse… being the mommy to be, or being the AUNT of your very first NIECE! I guess that’s a silly question, but I must admit that I was as much of a giddy fool as Christi was while we all waited for little Addison Grace to show her beautiful face. After nearly 9 months, the scheduled C-Section day had finally arrived and we all couldn’t have been more excited. Omar and Christi made it to the hospital on April 24...and Addie didn't arrive until April 26th at 1:07am weighing in at a very squeezable 9lbs 2 oz!! And although she did have to spend a week in the nicu being poked and prodded due to some minor complications, she's now a happy, healthy and ever growing 9 month old!! :) Here are a few pictures of her first few months...stay tuned for posts as she gets older!! She's such a DOLL now!!! :)