Love and Food in the Big D

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Introducing... the newest Mr. & Mrs!!! :)

The whole time we were in California, Chad and I kept trying to imagine what OUR own wedding weekend will be like. Would we be ready? Would we be too wound up to just sit back and enjoy the day? Would it fly by too fast to even take it all in?? Just thinking about it brought tiny butterflies to our stomachs… but despite the chaos of her very own wedding day, Christy was surprisingly calm. After a somewhat easy morning with the kids, she left her moms place to head to the beach house to start her wedding day pampering.

Looking Suuuupa Sexy!!

Getting dolled up!

Even my love got his DO did! ;) He looks scared... lol..

Now Chad's asking for his OWN HOT IRON!!! lol.. I think he enjoyed this experience a little TOO much! :)
Here I am with Chad's mama and his cousin Jeff's wife Angela...

Sweet Kenzie looking angelic before the ceremony..

Chad and I posing with the bride to be :) Looking HOT Christy!

Ryan...looking nervous and excited... Awww...

YEAH!! it's a done deal now... :)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Schmidt!!

The Schmidt & Platt kiddos looking cute... :)

Set at the Pacific Edge Hotel, the ceremony, dinner and dancing was to take place off the back porch of this beautiful rental house overlooking the ocean. Although overcast, the day ran smoothly and turned out to be the wedding day I'm sure Christy and Ryan had always dreamt about.

The happy Bride and Groom...

Aww... we're NEXT!! I can't WAIT!! A little over six month to go!

I love him soooooo MUCH!!

My "soon to be" sister-in-law and I being silly... (she's showing me her BOOBS!!) lol...

Chad and I with his cousin Jeff and Angela...

Christy with her infamous BURRITO!... (she had been talking about these things for DAYS and she finally got it...thanks to Chad and Jeff who went across the street to Taco Bell! :)

Jeff, showing us his smooth moves.... :)