Love and Food in the Big D

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grant's 6 Month Professional Photo Shoot

As we did for Everleigh when she turned 6 months old, we enlisted a professional to help capture this time in his life and celebrate our bear's half birthday.  Unfortunately, our normally SUPER smiley Mr. Man wasn't so smiley no matter how goofy and silly we made ourselves look to all the people passing by .. Booooo..Hisssss..

I'm honestly not surprised though.  Everleigh was the exact same way for her 6 month shoot.  I swear our two bears are already devising ways to make us nuts.  ;)  Haha.. 

Thankfully, we did get a handful of sweet looks and if I must say myself, his "SERIOUS" face is pretty darn cute too.  

Now.. on with the show.