Love and Food in the Big D

Friday, November 07, 2014

Fall Fun at the Dallas Arboretum - 2014

Ever since I was a little kid, Fall has been my favorite season.  Even growing up in deep, deep, DEEP South Texas, where the leaves didn't change color, the weather was a constant degree of HOT or HOTTER almost all year long.. (read: yuck, or yuckier) there was still something about the Fall that appealed to me.  So when I moved to Dallas 8 years ago.. and I realized that you could, in fact, experience all four SEASONS in Texas, I was ECSTATIC.  The leaves change color, the weather changes and pumpkins come out in mass.  Especially at the Dallas Arboretum! It really is a sight to see.  I can't imagine the shear amount of truckloads that must filter in for days to have the number of pumpkins they have there each year.   According to their website, there are over 65,000 pumpkins, gourds and squash!  

This year, Chad surprised us with some time off of work so we could take our bear to join in the festivities...and officially welcome Fall to Dallas.  She LOVED every second.  :) 

 Excited about the new squirrel friend she made.  :)

Really was the friendliest Squirrel around.. 
Everleigh and that squirrel "chatted" for a good 10 minutes :)

Happy Fall Ya'll!!