Love and Food in the Big D

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Grant Henry Kelley - 14 Months

If anyone heard or saw a crazy lady doing a little happy dance as she punched her fist (like a dork) in the air with sheer and utter glee...don't be alarmed.  It was just ME after my "mommy and me" mini photo session with this dude right here.  

It's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I like to fiddle with photography.  I'm an amateur AT BEST though, so imagine my delight when all the stars seemed to align... just for me.  

The light was perfect.  

Dude was in THE BEST mood & gave THE BEST smiles.  
He's typically ALWAYS in a great mood...but he doesn't usually smile when I need him to.. (of course).

Most every picture was in focus and sharp! 
With a moving target, this is always a feat for me.

AND... the granddaddy of them all.. these are all STRAIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA!!
No editing.. No Photoshop needed!!  Sure, there COULD be touch ups made, and some ARE a little blown out...BUT for this working mom of 2, who has time for that?!  

So.. I'm calling this...Little Man's 14th Month WIN!!

Grant Henry Kelley - 14 Months

In typical boy fashion his favorite things are: throwing balls, catching balls, rolling balls, chasing balls, hitting balls and laughing at himself after burping and farting. Apparently boy things are woven into their DNA. πŸ˜†πŸ˜ Already working on his boyish charm, he's the BEST snuggler, loves to lean in for hugs, gives "ojitos" and blows the sweetest kisses (mostly to grandma) 😍 Says "tatu" (thank you), "up", "down", "uh-oh" and will have long drawn out "conversations" with you any chance he gets. 😁 he's pretty much the best and we've ALL decided to keep him!