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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Barber / Tran Wedding - California

I'm actually quite upset with myself for letting so much time pass since my last post.  So much has happened since Jenn and Brent's wedding.  One weekend we were in Houston, celebrating the union of one of my best girl friends, and the very next weekend we were heading West to Huntington Beach for yet another blessed union.  This time it was Chad's good friend Mitch's turn to tie the knot.  Two weddings back to back in January!  Luckily for both of them, the weather cooperated (despite having an UNUSUALLY FRIGID winter in Texas).  Not long after we arrived home from California, we got blasted with one of the craziest winter storms the entire U.S. had seen in a looooong time!  So crazy in fact, the corporate kiddies at our office thought we should stay home for awhile.  A long while actually, the ENTIRE WEEK in fact....but thats another blog post entirely.  Back to the task at hand....Mitch and Lan's wedding during one of our shortest trips out to California so far.  (Insert double sad face here because we only got teased with glorious weather for the two days we were there.)  Arriving Friday, and leaving Sunday afternoon, we did what we could to make the most of our time there...hanging out with Chad's family late Friday, early Saturday...then spending time with his friends during and after the wedding on Saturday evening.  Here are a few snaps of the wedding before the drinks came along and we stopped caring about picture taking... lol.  Kidding.  :)

In a little chapel by the sea...

Lan and Mitch exchange their vows..

Introducing for the first time....
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Barber :)

All checked into our hotel room, right before the reception :)
Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach.  It was GLORIOUS!

View from our room

Making our way to the reception

Not too shabby... Overlooking the ocean

Perfect afternoon for a January wedding in California :)

Cocktail hour. :)

Mrs??  Crazy!!  :)  Still getting used to it.  :)

Wardrobe change :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cortez / Brugliera Wedding - In Pictures

It's always extra special seeing one of your BEST friends get married.  It's not like those weddings you go to out of obligation cause your cousin's, cousin's, cousin's neighbor gave you an invitation because EVEN THEY felt like they HAD to.  The weddings of your TRUE friends are so different.  So much of our lives (since college) has been spent sharing details of the good, bad and ugly dates we'd all gone on...the people we'd met, the jobs we'd started...and then left, promotions we'd received, raises we had seen others get but never got ourselves, apartments we'd moved into...and then OUT of.  It was our life spent together.  Even while none of us lived in the same town any longer, when we got together, or talked on the phone, it was like no time had passed at all since we had seen eachother last.  Jenn was my little Penguin.  She got her nickname from our days spent abroad in Barcelona, where Jenn's love of giving each of us "animal personas" came to be.  We each came back with tales and friendships that would survive a lifetime and we all could'nt be happier to see our little Penguino make this huge step in her life.  We were there to capture it all... so I'll shut up now and let these pictures speak for themselves. ;)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brugliera, welcome to the club :)

Ceremony: Rothko Chapel
Reception: The Grove
Houston, Texas

What a view!  On the patio at The Grove

Brrrrrrrr.... But not bad for January weather :)

The first order of business...

Lorraine (The Cat) and Andrew Page

Me (Little Bear) and the Hubs ;)

Look at that lovely Penguin SMILE  :)


The gang, being silly together

Love Jenn's pirate

Jenny, taking turns with all of us :)

A toast, from Papa Cortez :)

And sister Val

What an evil little smirk that is!

OOOOOOOOoooooooo..... ALMOST!

A heart filled exit  <3

On to the after party!  :)

The newlyweds...awwwww... ;)

Right before all us old farts called it a night.. (at around 2am :)