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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Southern California Adventures - Day 1 in Temecula

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

At least six months in the making, (with a few weeks of being anxious about traveling so long with our bear).. the day finally arrived when we were set to take Everleigh to meet her California family.  :)   After a pretty stressful start... waking up at an UNGODLY hour, nearly missing our flight (only arriving at the gate with about 10 minutes to spare), and a few crazy meltdowns from our bear at the most inopportune time...we hopped on the plane, crossed ALL our fingers (and toes!) and hoped for the best.  We were excited but nervous about how Everleigh might handle the 3.5 hour flight.  Luckily, with lots AND LOTS of snacks, Elmo stickers and iPhone distractions, she did MUCH better than expected with only a few mini restless meltdowns mid flight.  :)  WIN!  

With a pretty laid back plan in place, we arrived without further incident (thankfully!) and headed out to Chad's Aunt Denise & Uncle Bob's house in Temecula (complete with CHICKENS and a garden!).  

Let our California adventure begin!  :) 

Giving her a last minute chance to run around the airport before boarding our flight.  

Taking silly selfies to pass the time :)

Wet willies from Daddy! :)

Having a mini dance party at the rental car place while daddy worked on installing the car seat.  :)

TWO seconds (literally) into our car ride and she was OUT! 

And after a 30 minute power nap, happy as can be :) 

Finally made it to Temecula to Aunt Denise & Uncle Bob's house :)
Making new friends with the CHICKENS!

The reddish one on the far left was named after Everleigh :)

And of course, meeting Mr. Boo :)

Dancing Bear.. burning off some energy before naptime :) 

After a short 2 hour nap..ready for round TWO with the chickens.  :)

Talking to her chicken :)

Working garden! What a spread :)

View from their front yard 

All in all a VERY successful first day in California!