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Monday, August 29, 2016

Grant's 1st Birthday Monster Bash

Poor second kid.

When it came time to plan Grant's 1st birthday party... I had every intention of combining his party with Everleigh's.  After all, they're only 6 weeks apart.  We had that idea pretty much settled on for quite some time before one day....GUILT struck.  (GASP!!) Guilt on Chad's part, not mine so much. Ha!  At least not at the beginning.  Chad was convinced Grant would be scarred for life for not getting what his sister got in the way of a 1st birthday to call his very own.  

Soooo....after my OWN mommy guilt settled in and the initial OH CRAP moment wore off , (when I realized we only had a little over 2.5 weeks to plan and execute), I shifted the party planning into high gear!  LUCKILY, it all came together quite nicely if I do say so myself.  ;)  

There were crafts, food and monsters-a-plenty!  ;)  AND the best part of all...the kids loved it! 

SUCCESS!  Now...on with the SHOW! 

Monster Parts.... ALL CUT BY HAND!!  (with love.. ;)

EVERYTHING was cut by hand.. my hand STILL aches!  ;)

Daddy's monster cake. 

Newborn & 6 month photos

"Build-A-Monster" Craft Table

In the last 15 minutes before people were set to arrive.. 
Chad Kelley decided to whip up this watermelon bad boy.  ;)

Monster Mouth Favors

Monster Cupcakes

Her very first monster creation!

"Petting" his monster cake ;)

AANNDD...we're OFF!

Monster Silliness Continues... Days Later :)