Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, June 29, 2015

Celebrating Grant Henry Kelley :)

It's funny how our most successful parties come with the least amount of party preparations.  

About a month ago, Chad casually mentioned in passing that he thought we should have a get together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby boy before his work schedule got crazy.  Since so many of our friends had been asking if we were having a baby shower or where we were registered at, I took his casual party idea as an opportunity to start stock piling the only thing that we really, truly needed... DIAPERS!  

One problem.  It took forever to nail down a date.  With Chad's uncertain work schedule, house projects popping up almost every single weekend and unfinished projects mocking us daily, it was hard to commit to a date that we knew would work for us.  Not so convenient when party invitations needed to be sent out so our friends would be able to plan ahead.  

So once a date was set, and with practically ZERO notice, we informed our amazingly awesome friends of our plans and shifted into high gear to "prep" as much as we could with the limited time we had.  

Lo and behold...our party was a SUCCESS!  The weather actually cooperated (storms had passed the night before so we were uncertain that our outdoor BBQ idea would pan out), we had a great turn out, and the decor was actually much more coordinated than I thought it would end up being.  YEAH for last minute pachangas! :)  

And DOUBLE YEAH for AWESOMELY CREATIVE and HELPFUL friends Hollienoel, who lent us baby pools and outdoor water fun for the kiddies and Rebecka who came bearing the show stoppers of ALL show stoppers... 

Are you KIDDING ME with this?!  Chad and I are STILL FLOORED and in AWE at the amount of time, energy and LOVE that Rebecka put into not only this picture above.. BUT...

This diaper cake too!!! 
When she mentioned that she wanted to do a diaper cake for us...and asked what colors we had selected for his room, and what name we had chosen for our baby boy, I never in a MILLION years thought that she would show up at our house with THIS! 

The amount of detail is amazing...


AND on top of all this.. she even came bearing gifts... FOR EVERLEIGH!!  
What incredible friends we about LUCKY bears we have!!  :)   

The rest of the house was pretty simply decorated as well.  Streamers, balloons and onesies as decorations filled our living room.  :)  Easy peasy and done.  


And because who can STOP looking at that dining room table of awesome-ness.. here it is again..   

It turned out to be such a beautiful day. 
Not too hot for a Texas summer afternoon in June...  Whew!!

And the kiddies had a blast splashing in the sun :) 

Everleigh's so lucky to have made such sweet friends since starting at her new school back in February.  Love the friendship these sweet girlies have. :) 

Sweet baby Z! :) 



That's a WRAP and we are POOPED!  :)  

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to help celebrate our new bear.   
He is already so incredibly LOVED by everyone near and far.  We can't wait for his arrival.  

We're counting down the days til we meet our sweet little man.  

August 14th can't come soon enough!  

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Kelley Belly 2.0 (20-27 Weeks)

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted last.  This blog has definitely been put on the back burner lately, and for that I apologize.  So much has happened in the last several months but when I think about when and how I need to start sorting it all into blog posts, I get overwhelmed and just stop.  I figured the best excuse I could probably get away with was, oh you know.. that whole growing a tiny human thing.. ;) 

With working full time (and sleeping HALF the time), peeing ALL THE TIME, focusing what's left of the day to giving Everleigh some mommy-time, to prepping the nursery for our baby boy all of the times in between... things have definitely been nutty around our house.  On top of all that we've been adding projects that weren't even on our original "to-do" list, like buying a new TV for the living room.  Normally that wouldn't seem like a big deal to most but it required a whole new media cabinet below.  And wouldn't you know it wasn't a size you could just find and buy at any old store.  We actually had to do a little research to find what we (sorta, kinda) wanted and then had to modify it.  (Once again, a blog post on THAT coming soon too....hopefully ;) 

It's like we're opening one can of worms after another.  And that's cause the "nesting phase" hasn't even hit full force yet!  

Regardless, I'm back---ish.  No promises for consistent blogging but I've got a long list of things I want to post about, I just need to find time to GET IT DONE!  ;)  

Until then, I thought it would be fun to see how the Kelley Belly has been growing since I took my first "bumpie" 7 weeks ago.  Seems like Baby Boy Kelley has made a major jump in growth during the last 3 weeks.. swelling up not only my belly BUT my face and my hips and my thighs and yeah.. everything else.  

And to think we still have a LONG ways to go.. 

(I'm currently 27 weeks, 4 days...with a scheduled c-section tentatively set for 38 weeks) 

20 Weeks 3 Days (above)

21 Weeks 4 Days

22 Weeks 4 Days

24 Weeks 3 Days

27 Weeks 3 Days

27 Weeks 5 Days