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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Everleigh's Elmo & Abby 2nd Birthday Extravaganza :)

When it came time to pick a party theme this year, thankfully we didn't have to think very hard.  For the past 6 months or so, as soon as the TV clicks on, we almost immediately hear Everleigh calling for her long lost buddy "Elmo?!...Elmo?!...Elmo?!" (with her finger pointed to the TV).  Sesame Street itself isn't even what she wants to watch.  We're always instructed, by our very no-nonsense, get-to-the-point, do-as-I'm-told bear, to fast forward to all the Elmo parts of the show.  And by instructed I mean...her sitting, pointing and repeating "Elmo?!...Elmo?!...Elmo?! until your brain can't take the repetition any longer.. even though the nasally, high pitched Elmo voice is just as torturous. Ooooohhhhh the things we do for our children. ;) 

So when the planning process began for this year's Birthday Bear Bash of 2014, Pinterest of course came to the rescue.  With loads of inspiration at hand, I wiped the mommy tear from my face (as realization set in that my little baby definitely wasn't a baby anymore) and focused on creating our very own version of an Elmo and Abby Cadabby themed birthday party fit for our very precocious toddler bear.  (Abby's her other favorite Sesame Street character by the way... ;) 

The party, set for the Sunday after her actual birthday, was an amazing success!  Party preparations began as soon as my parents showed up on Tuesday and we literally didn't stop until the last person left on Sunday evening. Whew!  The chaos and stress that comes with weeks of planning, decorating, baking, taste testing and entertaining our friends sure is EXHAUSTING... but we LOVE it all and wouldn't have had it any other way.  :) 

A HUGE THANK YOU and BIG BEAR HUG to all our friends and family who were able to come out and help us celebrate our TWO year old bear.  (Especially my parents who hauled tables and chairs and gift bags and goodies on their NINE hour drive to come see us!!) 

It meant the world to have each and every one of you with us!  Now.. on with the show ;) 

Thankfully we figured out a pretty good set up for the party food 
when we hosted Everleigh's FIRST birthday party at our house last year.  
You can see that birthday blog post by clicking HERE!

I love how simple this cake was to make and decorate. 
It packs such a good visual punch with very minimal effort.  ;) 
And you know this Do It Yourself mama loves minimal effort! 


Who me??  

The goodie bags for the kiddies that my parents bought and brought from back home. :)

Elmo and Abby Birthday Door Sign
Designed and created by yours truly ;)

Elmo and Abby greeted our guests upon arrival :)

A personalized gift from Grandma Maldonado

The crepe paper streamers was another easy way that we got a lot of visual bang for our buck. 

When I was thinking about the color scheme for this party.. My intention had always been to keep the decorations primary colors so that we could reuse a lot of it in our primary colored playroom.  :) 

Scary looking, full sized balloon Elmo also made an appearance.  ;)
The kids loved him!

Throwback to our ONE year old bear... ;)
Feels like just yesterday... 

The Party made their way outside for the REAL entertainment.. 

He's for hire if anyone is interested by the way ;)

I think the adults were equally as fascinated by the giant bubbles as the kids were!

And now... WE SING!  

Even though we've been practicing her "Happy Birthday" song for weeks.. 
When the time came, she of course got shy.  ;)  

The bubble fun continued all afternoon and the kids LOVED it!  :)

Hahaha.. love this face!  
OH STOP!!  ;)

Sweet little Sophia enjoying the beautiful afternoon we were blessed with! 

After party wind down with some books, her cousins and daddy! :) 

And of course we had to end the night with a little Post Birthday Party Jig with her cousin Andrew :)