Love and Food in the Big D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Single Solitary Day..

It’s strange how one single solitary day can change so much in a person’s life. For nearly 29 years, I’ve been Yvette Maldonado, plain and simple. No middle name, nothing fancy, I was always just Yvette Maldonado.. daughter, sister and friend…. But on November 14, 2009, I will add new descriptors to the list… WIFE. MRS. Yvette M. Kelley. How Bizarre. From that day on, I will not only have ONE family, the one I have known and loved for my entire 28 and half years … but TWO, the family I have met in the last year who I’ve come to know, love and accept as my own. Extended families from an entirely different part of the country. States away, I gain a lifetime of connections. Generations to come will now know family I didn’t have before this ONE, single, solitary day. It’s amazing to think of the extended family tree that is created when two people meet and marry. It’s like magic. A blessing. A new life. A new family. I couldn’t feel more blessed and as we both wait patiently for this ONE day to present itself, I’m thankful for everyone who has seen this relationship grow from the very beginning….because they are our witnesses to this magical adventure…because for us, it still feels like a dream.