Love and Food in the Big D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fairy Godmother :)

I couldn't imagine a bigger honor than being asked to be a Godmother to the most beautiful niece a girl could ask for! I was touched and THRILLED at my new title and I was excited to celebrate the day down in the valley with my family and friends at her baptismal party. :) She couldn't have been in better spirits and just seeing that beautiful smiley face, neither could I!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finding our CHURCH!!

I think it was probably week TWO when Chad and I realized we were done for. We knew VERY early on that we were meant for each other, and by week SEVEN, we were "shopping" for churches for our wedding. :) Being that we were fairly new to our area of town (with the new house and all) we hadn't yet committed ourselves to a particular church.... and being that Chad wasn't raised in a particular religion, he accepted and looked forward to honoring my desire to get married in the Catholic faith. He knew the importance being married in the church meant to me and my family and soon realized that we were going to have to go through the marriage prep "process". It didn't take long to settle into St. Mary Immaculate Church in Farmers Branch near our townhome. We visited, met with Father Michael Forge and quickly became "members" of the community. We then went through our "Focus" questionaire and promptly secured our date! Now all we needed was a little patience to settle our nerves until the BIG DAY!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I wish I could say that we had a roarin’ good New Years this year, filled with parties and alcohol and all the makings of a fabulous New Years Eve… but the truth is, I was sick as a dog. Yuck. After being amongst the sickly ones back home, I came back to Dallas to lay in bed and wish for certain death to fall upon me. I felt like poop!! What a way to spend New Years Eve. Aside from the fact that Chad had to work late that night, I scrounged up enough energy to head to my coworker Karen’s house for a small get together to bring in the New Year. It was the best I could muster up with such a limited supply of energy. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Here’s to a WONDERFUL 2009!!