Love and Food in the Big D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Countdown to Wedding Day! :)

236 days and counting....

I can't believe how quickly our day is approaching. One day we were on our first date, the next day engaged and tomorrow we will be MARRIED! What a roller coaster! I'm glad we started planning and prepping early.... cause we are looking mighty fine with our plans... just got a couple things left to take care of and we are all SET! :) So far, here are the things that we've already made solid decisions on.

1. Church- done and secured!
2. Reception venue- done and secured!
3. Wedding dress- Picked out and has been purchased!! It's soooooo pretty!! :)
4. Colors/Theme- Got it!
5. Bridesmaids & their dresses- Picked, decided on and about to be ordered!
6. "Save the Dates" - Has been designed and finalized.. just need to be printed.
7. Wedding planner - has been hired and secured and has already begun to work for us! Yeah!
8. Invites - Color, paper and style of the invite has been selected, just need to format the wording!
9. Photographer- Was one of the first things we secured!
10. Videographer- Awesome people out of Lubbock... date has been secured!
11. Wedding Cake- Has been chosen and have secured our date.. :) YUMMY!!
12. Wedding Website - almost done... just need to add our registry information on it...

Other than all that... we've got a couple things left to do.. like deciding on the flower arrangements and Chad's tux stuff... and finish our registries... I can't wait for this day!!

I still can't believe I'm getting married!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Savor Dallas :)

I didn't think things could get crazier than last weeks event. We were inundated at the Chef's Showcase by throngs of people wanting a tasty bit of Chad's creations. It didn't stop... all night long...and by the end of the night, I literally was willing to chop off my feet the first chance I got. Little did I know there were events that made the Chef Showcase look like childs play. I had no idea what to expect when Chad said it got worse. I didn't have a clue.... but i soon found out what he was talking about. They came fast and furiously... from all sides. Four straight hours of a sea of people eating and drinking from nearly ONE HUNDRED restaurants and wine makers from around the area. Everything you could imagine and all you could drink. Luckily I found a friend. To my pleasant surprise one of Chad's cooks brought their very lovely and super friendly wife along. We hit it off immediately and soon left the boys to make our rounds tasting all the wonderful delicacies everyone had to offer. It ended up being a great, belly filling evening full of great food and new friends. :)
Life before chaos...

Are you in there Chad??..... CHAD???...

Working his charm....