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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo Sneak Peak :)

Seemed only fitting to celebrate Everleigh's FOUR weeks of life by taking a look back at her 8th day of adorable newborn baby goodness :)

Thank you again to Shannon of Shannon Skloss Photography for capturing our little one so perfectly.  These teaser pictures are BETTER than we could've ever hoped for and we can't wait to see the rest!  These are definitely holding us over but we know there are many MORE fabulous photos to come.  Stay tuned for the rest, coming soon.  (Hopefully ;)  

To see behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot as it happened, check out our blog post HERE.  :)

Happy FOUR WEEKS Little Snuggle Bear
We couldn't love you more, you've been such a blessing in our lives :)

Chef Chad's little Mini Me ;)

Soon after this photo shoot was over, we took off Everleigh's hospital bracelet (that matched ours) fearing it would be a little too tight on her growing wrist.  Chad and I however, have chosen to keep ours on for now.  :)  Can't seem to find the heart to cut them off quite yet.  ;)  

Love my sweet girl.. She's growing so fast!

Newborn baby bits - LOVE!!!

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