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Monday, April 08, 2013

Everleigh's Professional 6 Month Photo Session

As many of you already know... there's not a day that goes by without this momma taking a picture or two...or a few dozen of our sweet baby bear.  It's almost nearly impossible.  With phone cameras taking such great pictures these days, it's hard NOT to take a million pictures of our everyday life...and with my goal of at least taking one picture a day (to eventually make a 365 day photo collage of her first year).. this mom is on a photography MISSION!  ;)  

I'm sure that the longing to capture her every grin...her sweet baby rolls (the squishy leggie kind).. or her every new accomplishment will fade (eventually... like in five to ten years perhaps..) but for now, Miss Everleigh is leading a VERY WELL DOCUMENTED LIFE.  

So in addition to the monthly photos that I personally take of her with her gold letter "E", or the daily photos that I Instagram for her 365daysofeverleigh project... we decided to enlist my good friend Shannon of Shannon Skloss Photography to properly commemorate her 6th month birthday!  Seemed only fitting since she so brilliantly captured her itty, bitty newborn goodness just EIGHT days after she was born!  (See her newborn photos HERE)  Crazy how that seemed like just yesterday... And to see behind the scenes photos of that first session... click HERE)

So without further ado.. (Some teaser pictures.. cause Shannon says THERE'S MORE!!! YEAH!!!)  

Everleigh, Isabella Kelley at exactly SIX months!  :)  

Two of my absolute FAVORITES of her sweet face.  Classic Everleigh faces right here..

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