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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spam.a.lot. :)

It's funny and amazing how Chef brain's work...well I can't speak for every Chef I guess... so let me start again.  It's funny and amazing how MY Chef's brain works.  ;)  He's always looking for that ONE random ingredient to try... that one, unknown "What-cha-ma-call-it" to test out as a possible menu item.  When we hit the neighborhood Asian market by our house, we always...and I mean ALWAYS, come home with the most random, off-the-wall ingredients.  Stuff you can't pronounce...stuff in funny packaging...stuff that sometimes...just. doesn't. even. LOOK. right.. but yes, it's in our cart...and yes, my chef is quite excited to try it out.  :)  The good thing about this process though, is that there's always a "taste-testing" phase that goes along with it.  (Thank the Lord, Baby Jesus for THAT.. is all I have to say.. lol)

A few days ago, I got THESE pictures via text.  It wasn't a new asian ingredient, it wasn't a new spice... It really WAS as if he just ran out of things to experiment with... lol.  Really Chef?...REALLY?!  SPAM?!?!  lol..  It's probably a good thing for everyone that it didn't make it onto the menu.. even as a "special".  ;)  Although he said it was "surprisingly good"...he just couldn't "stomach both halves of the sandwich"...and I'm honestly, not surprised.  :)  Gotta love the hubs though for being creative!  :)

Bacon and Turkey Spam Sandwich with Two Fried Eggs and Tomatoes...

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